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Cambridge Pixel Sensor Acquisition, Processing and Display Solutions Cambridge Pixel Sensor Acquisition, Processing and Display Solutions


Monitor High Value Assets, Restriced Areas
and Critical Infrastructure.

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Our Solutions

Security Solutions for Radar, Camera and Other Sensors

Cambridge Pixel's field-proven SPx software components are ideal for building sensor-based surveillance solutions. Modules are available for radar and camera interfacing, processing and display, which can then be built into a complete security application. Additionally, solutions can be provided as ready-to-run applications or as framework applications, supplied with source code for extension, localisation and long-term support.

Radar Tracking

Cambridge Pixel's radar tracking solutions are deployed worldwide at sites such as airports, international borders, dams, tunnels and other high-value or critical locations. These installations provide automatic detection and tracking of potential threats, ranging from a RHIB or jet ski, to a person on foot, to a small drone in the air.

Our products can be used for:

  • • Asset / location security
  • • Offshore platforms and windfarm security
  • • Border security
  • • Airport security
  • • Maritime security

Flexible Software Components

SPx software interfaces to many industry-standard radar, video and related sensors and provides a comprehensive range of processing and display capabilities. SPx provides many of the functional capabilities required from a modern security solution, from acquisition of data as signals or network streams, to processing, classification and fusion, on to display widgets.

Bespoke Solutions

For customers who don't have the time or resources to develop a complete security application Cambridge Pixel can offer different levels of custom development, from framework applications (extended examples) up to complete, bespoke applications. Alternatively, the VSD (Video Security Display) application is available, providing many of the key requirements of a modern security application in a ready-to-run Windows executable.

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Security Capabilities

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80+ Radars Supported

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What is the right solution for you?

“We needed to deliver a solution that offered the same visual clarity as CCTV, but would work in all conditions, including in a tunnel potentially full of smoke and fire. Cambridge Pixel’s RadarVision technology not only allows us to provide this data as a standard video feed, but we have been able to merge in all the critical data the operator needs, including real-time positions of vehicles and people. All the real-time data can then be superimposed over a scaled schematic of the tunnel enabling us to give immediate context to any viewer.”

Guy Avery, Software Development Manager

Navtech Radar

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