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Security Display Software for Radars and Cameras

Advanced security monitoring with camera tracking and control, threat analysis and configurable alarm conditions.

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Supports a Wide Range of Devices

Integrate multiple radars, cameras and external equipment such as loud hailing and laser dazzling devices.

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Key Features

Security and surveillance display application for Windows.

Clear Display of Multiple Radars and Cameras

Provides a clear display of the camera videos and radar data with an intuitive user interface that also supports touchscreen devices with easy controls that can be customised.

The radar display provides a geographic overview, showing all available radar videos, tracks and secondary data, overlaid on a tiled map.

The camera window shows the video from the currently selected camera, optionally with another camera video displayed as picture-in-picture. Thumbnails of all camera feeds allow the rapid selection of a specific camera.

Camera Tracking and Control

Cameras can follow a selected radar track automatically (slew-to-cue) and then use video tracking to provide more accurate camera positioning. A built-in knowledge of local terrain allows the camera to be slewed to a specified height above ground to follow targets more accurately. 

Cameras can also be controlled by multiple methods including manual joystick control or fully automated steering. A target selected in the radar window can have a chosen camera automatically follow it.

VSD also supports camera tours, allowing the operator to define locations of interest that the camera then cycles through in sequence. 

Threat Analysis and Alarms

VSD helps security operatives to monitor multiple sources of data and make quicker informed decisions.

Alarm functionality allows protection zones and gates (including directional gates) to be defined easily, alerting the operator to any targets which enter or cross them.

Track fusion can continuously compare the primary radar tracks against secondary data, such as ADS-B and AIS, and automatically alert the operator to targets with no corresponding secondary response.

CUAS, Drone and Small Target Tracking

VSD can be used as the base for a CUAS or Counter-UAS (Uncrewed Aircraft System).

Cambridge Pixel has successfully demonstrated tracking of a small drone, using cameras provided by Silent Sentinel.

During field trials, the video tracker within VSD was able to acquire and track a small drone from infrared (thermal) camera video. The tracking information was used to steer the camera automatically, keeping the target within the field-of-view as it manoeuvred.

 When coupled with the right combination of sensors, VSD may be used as part of an overall asset protection system.

Option for a Custom Branded C2 Display

VSD can also be provided with a customised GUI, featuring your own logo and colour scheme, configured to display the radar video, camera video and sensor data in almost any specified layout.


VSD Details


New Features Added

  • Supports new radars including Echodyne, Blighter and FLIR
  • Video tracking with the OpenWorks video tracking system
  • Support for laser range finder and laser dazzler devices


  • Ready-made application for Windows
  • Configurable user interface
  • Designed for touchscreen
  • Up to four radar inputs
  • Up to eight camera inputs
  • Radar video and track display
  • Track table display
  • Pop-up PPI and video windows
  • Map display
    • Tiled maps
    • User maps
  • Secondary data (AIS, ADS-B, SSR/IFF) interfacing, decoding and display
  • Fusion of primary and secondary track data to identify suspicious targets
  • Camera display (multiple cameras)
  • Integration with RDR recording product
  • Camera control
    • Slew-to-cue from selected radar target
    • From video tracking
    • Tour between specified locations
    • Manual (GUI control or joystick device)
  • Slew-to-cue
    • Manually designated target
    • Newest target
    • Nearest target
    • Cyclic
  • Video blending (e.g. to highlight hotspots)
  • Video stabilisation
  • Video tracking
  • Alarm zones and gates (including directional gates)
  • Operator alerts
  • Programmable soft buttons
VSD Video Security Display Datasheet
Cambridge Pixel Product Summary Brochure
Radar Solution
Main GUI Window
Radar Solution
Popup Video Window
Radar Solution
Drone Tracking
VSD Sales Video
VSD tracking a small drone
User Manual

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Real-World Application

Defense Integrated Solutions Security Systems (DISS) selected VSD as part of a military mobile protection programme in the Middle East, integrating multiple radars and cameras to provide comprehensive monitoring for a border and maritime security application.