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Maritime Surveillance


Get help with your project

We build high-performance software components for system integrators that can be put together in any combination to best suit your project needs. The below diagram shows our technology modules for the maritime surveillance market.

Our products have been deployed around the world to help with:

  • Asset Protection: These might be high value waterside or critical  offshore assets, such as oil rigs, nuclear power stations and industrial facilities.
  • Critical Infrastructure Monitoring: These might be bridges, dams and wind farms.
  • Collision Avoidance: Improved safety from installation of maritime collision avoidance systems around designated marine hazards or military  danger zones.
  • Border Protection, Search and Rescue: We can help with tracking and detecting small or hard to see targets, critical in search and rescue operations or to help patrol borders. 
  • Traffic Monitoring: Observation and monitoring of vessel traffic in waterways, rivers, estuaries, small ports and harbours.

Quality & engineering support guaranteed

With full British Standards audited ISO-9001 quality approvals, Cambridge Pixel understands the importance of providing full life-cycle support from pre-sales engineering for system design through to obsolescence management. We can also provide support  for specialised sensors, such as laser range finders and Spynel® continuously rotating panoramic cameras.

70+ radar models supported

Our software supports the capture of radar video from major radar manufacturers including Kelvin Hughes, Terma, Navico (Simrad), Raytheon, Sperry, JRC and Furuno. 

Interfacing to your radar

An HPx radar input card can be used to interface to analogue radar video, trigger and turning data or, where network radar video is available (e.g. in ASTERIX format), this can be input directly into our SPx software framework.

We have delivered our solutions to customers across the globe, in projects that ranged from the protection of offshore oil, gas and wind farm facilities to helping keep bathers safe on the beach. Find out more by reading our Case Studies.

What do our customers say?

"We have worked with Cambridge Pixel for many years and have been impressed by their engineers' sensor expertise and their technical support to us and our integration partners. Also, the company was willing to customise their RadarWatch software to support a long-range acoustic and searchlight device (LRAD-RX). This allows the operator to audibly alert approaching vessels using either a microphone or a set of pre-recorded audio sounds." Frank Cobis, Vice President and General Manager of Klein Marine Systems

"Cambridge Pixel's radar tracker and display software exceeded all our requirements. The company's extensive experience of working with different radars, such as the Terma 2202 and Simrad Halo-6 for this project, has been a key factor in us getting the VTS system installed, configured and fully operational so quickly." - Martin Harvey, Project Engineer, Marico Marine

“Cambridge Pixel’s new RadarWatch display software and its range of flexible software modules has allowed us to design and build a complete system upgrade for our customer using commercial sensors." - Nic Baldwin, Technical Manager, Maris

"We needed a flexible and intuitive front end to the multi-sensor surveillance system we are supplying to a Middle Eastern customer. Cambridge Pixel's application met all our requirements. VSD integrates data from multiple radars and cameras and comes with automatic radar slew-to-cue, target tracking and transponder technology built-in and so enables an operator to filter out authorised targets and thereby speed threat detection."Kevin Ferguson, General Manager, Defense Integrated Security Solutions Systems (DISS) LL

“Cambridge Pixel’s technology modules enabled an extremely capable and cost effective solution that exceeded our customer’s requirements.”Mr Sahrin Hassan, Tritek Power & Automation Pte Ltd

Watch this video to see the type of projects we have delivered.

From radar interfacing and operator displays, to target tracking, simulation, recording and more

We have numerous solutions for your surveillance project

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