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Cambridge Pixel Sensor Acquisition, Processing and Display Solutions Cambridge Pixel Sensor Acquisition, Processing and Display Solutions

Maritime Surveillance

Advanced monitoring of Off-shore Traffic
Borders, Assets & Infrastructure.

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Maritime Radar and Camera Software

Our modular solutions offer flexible options for a wide range of maritime applications. From protecting off-shore assets and restricted areas to managing waterway and harbour traffic, our experienced team can advise on what combination of products is needed for your project.

Our best-in-class support will ensure products are set-up correctly, maximising your capabilities and reducing risks. View our Interactive Guide tab to see how our products work together to provide the capabilities you need.

Maritime applications:

Asset Protection:

High value waterside or critical offshore assets, such as gas and oil rigs, nuclear power stations and industrial facilities.

Critical Infrastructure Monitoring:

Including bridges, dams and wind farms.

Collision Avoidance:

Improved safety around designated marine hazards or military danger zones.

Border Protection:

Automated monitoring with advanced radar and camera alarms, and assisting border patrols in locating small targets.

Search and Rescue:

Tracking and detecting small or hard to see targets, critical in search and rescue operations.

Traffic Monitoring:

Observation and monitoring of vessel traffic in waterways, rivers, estuaries, small ports and harbours.

Coast Protection:

From keeping bathers safe from near-shore traffic to coastal gun range safety.

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"We have worked with Cambridge Pixel for many years and have been impressed by their engineers' sensor expertise and their technical support to us and our integration partners. Also, the company was willing to customise their RadarWatch software to support a long-range acoustic and searchlight device (LRAD-RX). This allows the operator to audibly alert approaching vessels using either a microphone or a set of pre-recorded audio sounds."

Frank Cobis, Vice President and General Manager

Klein Marine Systems

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