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ADS-B Data Monitor (Free Download)

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View ADS-B Data with this Free Software Download

Provides a table of ADS-B messages along with a calculated range and bearing.

Free Download
ADS-B Data Monitor (Free Download)
ADS-B Data Monitor (Free Download)

Receives & Decodes Common ADS-B Message Formats

Supported formats includes ASTERIX, Radar Gadget, KAL, AVR, BEAST, AirNav and FlightRadar24 (FR24).

Free Download

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ADS-B Data Monitor (Free Download) Details

More Info

Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) is a surveillance system by which aircraft actively broadcast their GPS-based position. Unlike secondary surveillance radar systems, ADS-B does not rely upon interrogation and can therefore also be used to provide situational awareness without the need for a local transmitter.  Several Cambridge Pixel applications use ADS-B reports, along with primary radar detections, to track and display aircraft positions on an operator’s display.

The SPx ADS-B Monitor is a free application that Cambridge Pixel offers to anyone with a suitable source of ADS-B data that they wish to inspect.

  • Easy to use, built-in documentation
  • No need to install, simply run executable
  • Windows compatible
  • Receives and decodes common ADS-B message formats, including:
    • Radar Gadget
    • KAL
    • AVR
    • BEAST
    • AirNav
    • FlightRadar24 (FR24)
  • Targets displayed in tabular format with sorting per column
  • Network (UDP or TCP) or serial port input
  • Log messages to file
  • Calculation of target range/bearing based on supplied platform location
  • Re-transmit data on network
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ADS-B Data Monitor