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ADS-B Data Display Software

View target positions and associated information contained within ADS-B transmissions.

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Easy-to-use Windows PC Software

Compatible with modern touchscreen displays with pinch-to-zoom and slide-to-pan controls.

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Key Features

Software for the visualisation of ADS-B data.

Input Data in ASTERIX CAT-21 and Other Formats

Accepts input data from the network in a number of different formats, including ASTERIX CAT-21, Beast and AVR.


Clear PPI Display with Maps

All data is presented on a large, clear PPI display, overlaid on top of user-selectable maps.

The field-proven scan converter provides smooth, flexible and accurate radar video display.

Supports tiled maps, terrain contour and world map.

Intuitive Controls with Touch Screen Support

The user interface has been designed to support modern touchscreen displays, using large accessible buttons and common view controls, such as pinch-to-zoom and slide-to-pan.

Intercept vectors can be calculated and displayed, rulers can be drawn between reference points and targets, and individual tracks can be designated through fast, easy-to-use controls.


ASD-View Details

Extra Info

ASD-View is part of Cambridge Pixel's air surveillance display solutions, which also include the ASD-100 application for display of primary and secondary radar data and associated information such as plots, tracks and safety alerts.

ADS-B Out capability became mandatory in 2020 on aircraft equipment in many regions of the world. Additionally, ADS-B is increasingly used by helicopters, light aircraft, drones, gliders, airport vehicles and maritime vessels such as FSOs and offshore maritime platforms with helicopter landing areas.


Going Further with ASD-100

Where ASD-View provides a visualisation capability for ADS-B tracks, Cambridge Pixel's ASD-100 product expands this to include primary and IFF radar and derived track information. The ASD-100 display can show any combination of ADS-B, primary radar video, IFF radar video, primary tracks and IFF tracks, presented on a geo-located map with a comprehensive set of tools for air defence applications. 

  • Complete ready-to-run application for Windows
  • ASTERIX CAT-21 ADS-B data input
  • Beast and AVR ADS-B data input
  • NMEA 0183 navigation data to support moving platforms
  • Multiple map support (on/off line):
    • Tiled maps
    • Terrain contour map
    • World map
  • History trails and target vectors ("leader lines")
  • Configurable target label display
  • Flexible configuration options
  • Full zoom and off-centre control
  • Display filters
  • Overlay graphics:
    • Range rings
    • Rulers
    • Range scale indicator
  • Multiple track monitor windows
  • Easy configuration wizard
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Radar Solution
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