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Cambridge Pixel Sensor Acquisition, Processing and Display Solutions Cambridge Pixel Sensor Acquisition, Processing and Display Solutions

Other Applications

Sensor processing solutions for unique projects
from tunnel safety to raised temperature detection.

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Providing solutions to customers in more than 50 countries worldwide

Our Solutions

Solutions for Radar, Cameras and Other Sensors

Cambridge Pixel has a track record of delivering solutions for unique projects where our expertise on sensor processing is invaluable.

If your project uses radars, thermal cameras and/or CCTV, Cambridge Pixel can provide solutions for aqusition, processing, data fusion, detection, tracking and display.

Some examples of applications we've supported:

Road Tunnel Safety

The RadarVision software modules for radar scan conversion, H.264 compression and distribution allows high fidelity radar images to be viewed alongside data from traditional daylight and thermal cameras on a standard video management system (VMS).

Raised Temperature Detection

Our SPx AV software libraries are integral to a COVID-19 detection software application that interfaces to cameras, identifies faces and then measures the skin temperature, giving an alarm if an out-of-range temperature is observed.

Offshore Windfarm Protection System

We customised our RadarWatch software to support a long-range acoustic and searchlight device (LRAD-RX), allowing audible alerts to be aimed at approaching vessels.

Development Toolkits

Cambridge Pixel offers a range of products and services for customers looking to develop their own radar and video software, primarily in C++ or .NET.  These products offer a way to reduce risks, speed up production time and often reduce project costs.

Popular with well-known system integrators in defence and other sectors, our development platform is also used by our in-house team to develop complete applications. Find out more about SPx Development Toolkits.

Framework & Custom Applications

Framework applications are fully-functional display applications, supplied with the top-level source code and a development package, to allow user customisation. Designed to give developers a solid starting point and reduce development time, they offer the perfect balance of flexibility and development effort. Find out about framework applications here.

We can provide you with custom development of a brand new application to fulfil a specific set of agreed functional requirements. This is the ideal option for customers who require a very particular capability but do not wish to undertake development themselves. Find out about custom applications here.


Quality Assured

British Standards audited ISO-9001 quality management system. Quality Policy ›

80+ Radars Supported

Capture of radar video from most major radar manufacturers. Supported Radars ›

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“We have worked with Cambridge Pixel for many years and have been impressed by their engineers' sensor expertise and their technical support to us and our integration partners. Also, the company was willing to customise their RadarWatch software to support a long-range acoustic and searchlight device (LRAD-RX). This allows the operator to audibly alert approaching vessels using either a microphone or a set of pre-recorded audio sounds.”

Frank Cobis, Vice President and General Manager

Klein Marine Systems

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