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Cambridge Pixel Sensor Acquisition, Processing and Display Solutions Cambridge Pixel Sensor Acquisition, Processing and Display Solutions

Uncrewed Surface Vessels

A leading supplier of technology modules
for uncrewed boats and autonomous ships.

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Providing solutions to customers in more than 50+ countries worldwide

Empowering USV Manufacturers

Flexible and affordable technology to support navigation, collision avoidance, mothership communication and target recognition in commercial and military USVs / ASVs.

Core Capabilities for USV Developers

Easily integrate radar interfacing, target tracking, fusing radar and sensor data, camera control, alarms, multi-sensor data recording and navigating in GPS-denied environments.

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Uncrewed Surface Vessels
Uncrewed Surface Vessels

Partnerships with Radar Suppliers

Cambridge Pixel has partnerships with leading manufacturers like Simrad and Furuno, allowing inexpensive marine radars to be 'unlocked' for use with custom software.

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USV Radar and Sensor Systems

Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs) and Autonomous Surface Vessels (ASVs) are a rapidly expanding area of interest for naval forces and commercial enterprises around the world. Cambridge Pixel is a provider of key technology components for USV development, helping to add capabilities, speed up project deliver and reduce project risks.  Cambridge Pixel has partnered with some of the key USV developers and manufacturers across the US, Europe and Asia.

A USV may incorporate a number of sensing technologies to assist with navigation, collision avoidance and target recognition. Cambridge Pixel’s expertise and products for radar processing provides a core set of capabilities for USV developers, including:

Interface options to a wide range of maritime & specialist radars

A highly configurable target tracker

Fusion of tracks from multiple radars & auxiliary data inc. AIS & ADS-B

Camera control from radar, slew-to-cue & video-based tracking

Mission recording of radar video, tracks, AIS, video & navigation data

Display applications for remote monitoring

Radar/camera simulation for testing & training

Tell us about your project requirements

“Effective and reliable tracking of objects around our unmanned surface vehicles is critical to their safe operation. It was therefore important that we chose an experienced and established radar tracking company to assist us in implementing such a capability. Cambridge Pixel’s engineers have worked closely with the ASV software team to not only fully integrate their tracking and sensor fusion capability into our ASView control system but also to optimise its performance and to enhance situational awareness in this very demanding environment.”

Dave Martin, Head of Control

ASV Global UK

80+ Radars Supported

Capture of radar video from most major radar manufacturers.
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Uncrewed Surface Vessels Case Studies

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