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Cambridge Pixel Sensor Acquisition, Processing and Display Solutions Cambridge Pixel Sensor Acquisition, Processing and Display Solutions

Offshore Wind, Oil & Gas

Security software that supports many sensors,
automates deterrents and reduces false alarms.

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Providing solutions to customers in more than 50+ countries worldwide

Offshore Wind, Oil & Gas

Sensor Integration & Security Automation

Track targets from fused radar, AIS and ADS-B data. Automatic camera slew and deterrent activation.

Advanced Alarm Logic

Create intelligent alarms using conditional logic and sensor data to alert operators or automatically control devices.

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Offshore Wind, Oil & Gas
Offshore Wind, Oil & Gas

Operator Display Software

Easy-to-use displays for remote viewing and device control, with full data recording and replay.

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Offshore Platform Security

Recent events have made the surveillance and security of offshore platforms more essential than ever.

Oil and gas platform or offshore wind security can be complex, often involving multiple locations and a unique set of sensors. Our modular software makes it easy to build a flexible solution that will automatically detect and track threats, alert operators and control deterrent devices.

Flexible Security Software

With market-leading support for different radars and sensors, and compatibility with different data formats, our software can easily integrate with existing systems.

Our solutions can be configured to alert oil rig security to small hostile targets, or as an automated system to deter targets approaching offshore wind farms, by aiming a long-range acoustic device (LRAD) at targets and playing recorded warnings.

Cambridge Pixel's modular software offers the most flexible solution for protecting offshore platforms from hostile targets such as pirates or uncrewed / unmanned systems.

Tell us about your project and sensors to receive advice from our experienced engineers. 

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“We needed a flexible and intuitive front end to the multi-sensor surveillance system we are supplying to a Middle Eastern customer. Cambridge Pixel's application met all our requirements. The software integrates data from multiple radars and cameras and comes with automatic radar slew-to-cue, target tracking and transponder technology built-in and so enables an operator to filter out authorised targets and thereby speed threat detection.”

Kevin Ferguson, General Manager

Defense Integrated Security Solutions Systems (DISS)

80+ Radars Supported

Capture of radar video from most major radar manufacturers.
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Offshore Wind, Oil & Gas Case Studies

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