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SPx Video Simulator

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Simulate Camera Video for Development, Testing & Training

Simulate cameras and Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) controllers in a 3D-modelled scene to generate video streams.

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SPx Video Simulator

Add Targets from SPx Radar Simulator

3D models can be used to represent targets within a scene, controlled by SPx Radar Simulator.

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Key Features

Intuitive graphical controls and tools for advanced simulation.

Generates Camera Video to Support Developers

For system developers that need a camera video source for development and testing of complex sensor processing and display applications.

The video streams contain video data derived by rendering a 3D model of a scene that may contain moving targets and terrain. Based on the position and orientation of the camera, and the position of real-world targets, the output video stream is constructed in real-time to depict the view from the camera.

Supports Camera Control Commands

The simulator responds to camera control commands like a real camera, and generates representative video for a 3D world built from terrain and moving targets. 

The simulator responds to standard PTZ camera positioning commands in ONVIF or PELCO formats and generates representative video streams, for example in RTSP format. Multiple virtual PTZ cameras can be positioned within a real-world scene and controlled remotely using serial or network camera control commands.

Build Simulation & Training Systems

Supports the development of a training and simulation system that needs representative camera display images - for example, to be displayed along with radar imagery.

The simulation can contain any number of configurable moving targets (boats, ships, planes, drones, vehicles and people for example) and the simulated video will show the correct rendering of the targets for any combination of static and moving camera scenarios.

Input Radar Simulation

SPx Video Simulator uses Cambridge Pixel’s related product SPx Radar Simulator, which defines and manages the scenarios of moving targets. When used together, a unified simulation of radar and video displays can be built. For situations requiring only video simulation, SPx Radar Simulator acts as the scenario generator only.

Highly Configurable 3D Scene

Create a virtual 3D scene using terrain overlaid with satellite imagery to create a realistic environment.  The terrain is created using automatically downloaded SRTM elevation data and tiled map images.  

The scene can include both static and dynamic 3D models, either created in applications like Sketchup, or downloaded from sources like  Static models are used to add buildings and infrastructure while dynamic models are used to add targets, such as vessels, vehicles and aircraft.  Dynamic models require the SPx Radar Simulator product to control and update the position of target models. 

Virtual cameras can be placed within the scene to generate realistic synthetic video.

SPx Video Simulator

SPx Video Simulator Details

Extra Info

Security and surveillance camera simulator to help develop software, test systems & train operators. Includes supports for PTZ (pan tilt zoom) controllers, 3D scenes and models, moving platforms and more. The software can be paired with SPx Radar Simulator, allowing 3D models to follow imported radar tracks, ideal for building realistic scenarios.

Given a lat/long location for the camera (whether moving or static), SPx Video Simulator generates a real-time image of the view that the camera can see from that location. This incorporates terrain that is visible from that location, as well as any targets. The video image is correctly updated in real-time to reflect the motion of the targets in the world and the motion of the camera platform itself. Targets moving in the scenario have properties including a 3D model that is used to render the target for the current camera view.



  • Real-time update for camera position and view
  • Loadable 3D target models (COLLADA format)
  • Configurable target motion profiles
  • Configurable camera position on moving
  • Terrain database for target visibility and display

Camera Positioning

  • Configurable camera position
  • Static camera or mounted on moving platform
  • Dynamically adjustable PTZ
  • ONVIF and PELCO-D interfaces

Camera Types

  • PELCO-D interface
  • Nexus CGI
  • Network camera control
  • Multiple cameras and PTZ platforms
  • Configurable field of view
  • Simulated Thermal Video

Video Output

  • Configurable video frame size from SD to HD
  • RTSP or ONVIF output
  • H264 or MJPEG encoding
  • Configurable frame rate
  • Encoded video


  • Windows 10 or later required
  • Uses SPx Radar Simulator (supplied) for
    scenario generator
  • GUI control for configuration and monitoring
  • Remote API (C++ library) for configuration and
SPx Video Simulator Datasheet
Cambridge Pixel Product Summary Brochure
Radar Solution
Diagram of key components
Radar Solution
Moving target with a 3D ship model
Radar Solution
Moving target with a 3D drone model
Radar Solution
3D model settings
Radar Solution
Static building models
Radar Solution
Camera platform configuration
Radar Solution
Thermal camera style video settings
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Output generated video streams to other applications
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