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RadarView-240 (Free Download)

Products » Display Applications » RadarView-240 (Free Download)

Free PPI Display Software for ASTERIX CAT-240 Radar Video

Receives ASTERIX CAT-240 radar video on a configurable IP address and port, and scan converts it into a PPI display.

Free Download
RadarView-240 (Free Download)

Includes Input and Display Settings

A helpful tool to support the development of new radars and radar display applications.

Free Download

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RadarView-240 (Free Download) Details

Radar Solution
RadarView-240 screenshot showing graphics, channel and source control displays as well as application options.
  • Receipt of ASTERIX Category-240 radar video
  • Display of scan converted radar video in a PPI window
  • Continous zoom/off-centering
  • Overlay graphics: range rings, range end
  • Cursor position displayed in X/Y metres and latitude/longitude
  • Period and PRF readout
  • History trails, including retention on view change
  • Save configuration to file
Upgrade Features

Upgrading to the full version of RadarView will unlock the following features:

  • Support for CAT-48 tracks
  • Underlay maps 
  • Multiple window support (up to 5 PPIs)
  • Multiple input channels
  • PPI, B-Scan and A-Scan display formats
  • Range-height indicator display
  • Record and replay
  • Analysis and measurement tools
  • AIS and ADS-B display
  • Radar processing options
  • Camera display and camera control
RadarView Brochure
Cambridge Pixel Product Summary Brochure