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Supported Radars

Cambridge Pixel and its customers have interfaced to numerous radars using the HPx range of radar interface hardware and directly via network connection. This page presents a list of radars to which Cambridge Pixel's products have already interfaced.

Please note that this is certainly not an exhaustive list and is constantly updated. If you wish to interface to a radar that is not currently on this list please let us know.

Make Model Interface Type
Simrad/Lowrance 3G Broadband Network
Simrad/Lowrance 4G Broadband Network
Simrad/Lowrance Halo Network
Kelvin Hughes SharpEye (SBS-700/800/900) Network/Analogue
Kelvin Hughes ScV/SxV SharpEye Network
Kelvin Hughes 1007 Analogue
BAE Systems 996 Analogue
BAE Systems SAMPSON Analogue
Terma Scanter 2001/2100/2200/2600 Network/Analogue
Terma Scanter 4001/4002/4100 Network/Analogue
Terma Scanter 5102/5202 Network/Analogue
Terma Scanter 6000 Network/Analogue
NG Sperry Bridgemaster Analogue
Furuno FAR-2117/2127/2817/2827 Analogue
Furuno FAR-2117-BB, FAR-2127-BB Analogue
Furuno FR2135 Analogue
Furuno FR8062/8122/8252 Analogue
Furuno 1832, 1932, 1942 Analogue
Furuno 1824, 1834, 1934C, 1944C, 1964C Analogue
Furuno DRS6D-NXT Network
JRC JMA-2343/2344 Analogue
JRC JMA-5332/5322/5312 Analogue
Blighter B400, B303, B202 Network
Navtech AGS200/500/800/1600 Network
Navtech CTS350-X Network
Navtech I200 Network
Marconi S511 Analogue
Plessy/Selex Watchman Analogue
Cassidian (now Airbus) ASR-NG Analogue
Cassidian (now Airbus) TRS-3D Analogue
Weibel MFTR Network
ITT MPN-14K Analogue
Raytheon AN/TPN-24K Analogue
Raytheon Pathfinder MkII Analogue
Raytheon NSX Network
Thales Phoenice Network
Toshiba TW-1374 Analogue
Lockheed Martin APS-145 Analogue
Saab Sensis SR-3 Analogue

Radar Processing and Display

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