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Radar Coverage Tool Pro

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Radar Coverage Tool Pro is the professional version of Cambridge Pixel's popular line-of-sight coverage calculator for Windows (7/8/10).  The professional version provides all of the functionality of the free version but extends it to multiple simultaneous radar sites and adds additional features.

SPx Radar Coverage Tool Pro uses a combination of terrain information and line-of-sight calculations to estimate the visibility of targets at given heights, as seen by radars at user-specified locations. Because the tool is using geometric line-of-sight calculations, the coverage map generated may equally apply to optical sensors located at the same sites.

This version of the tool is a licensed product which requires a unique licence file to be installed on the host machine.  The price for a Radar Coverage Tool Pro licence is £500 (ex VAT). To purchase a copy of this software using a credit card or PayPal account, or to request a formal quotation, please complete the form below.

Licence Type:

Please check your email and MAC address information is correct before proceeding.

Note that this is Windows software.

Radar Coverage

Shuttle Radar Topography Mission terrain data is used to calculate the radar visibility. This dataset covers latitudes between 60.395 degrees North and 56.0 degrees South, with a resolution of approximately 90m. Additionally, the professional version of the software includes support for using DTED data files as the source of terrain data. 

Radar Parameters

The position and height of the radar are specified, together with the end range, top beam angle and bottom beam angle. Targets that would be above or below the beam are deemed not to be visible. The parameters for each of the radar objects may be set independently.

The units used to display heights and distances may be toggled between "Metric" (metres for height and distance) and "Feet, NM" (feet for height and nautical miles for distance).

Radar and Target Modelling

The SPx Radar Coverage Tool is not a modelling tool. It does not use target cross-section and radar characteristics to predict detection. It uses line-of-sight processing to consider whether a target is potentially visible to the radar based on the beam of the radar, height of the radar and target and presence of terrain.

Target Heights

Multiple target heights may be specified with each height being assigned a colour. The transparency of the first colour used is configurable, with the other colours being gradually more transparent as they represent higher target heights. The areas on the map shown in this colour are where targets at the associated height would be line-of-sight visible to the radar, and within the top and bottom beam angles. Target heights may be specified as above sea level or above local ground level.

Underlay Map

The SPx Radar Coverage tool displays coverage information overlaid on an OpenStreetMap view. A snapshot of the current view may be saved to an image file using the "Save Screenshot…" button.

  • Support for up to 10 simultaneous radar positions
  • Editable configuration file support
  • Setup Wizard
  • DTED terrain data support
  • No adverts!
  • Easy selection of radar position:
    • Enter lat/long directly
    • Click on high-resolution map
  • Direct input of radar height
  • Map and terrain data downloaded from Internet as needed
  • Adjustable radar height, end range and vertical beam angle
  • Significant worldwide coverage (based on Shuttle Radar Topography Mission data)
  • Configurable target heights-of-interest using different colours
  • Fast update of coverage map as position or parameters are changed
  • Save display to file
  • Curvature of earth consideration
  • Adjustable brightness and contrast of map and radar coverage
  • Metric or nautical units
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Radar Coverage Tool Pro

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