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Support and Maintenance Renewal

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Customers love our expert engineering support with fast and easy access via phone, email or web chat. Our software products are provided with a standard 12-month warranty that includes technical support and the latest software updates. Technical support and updates can be extended beyond the 12-month period with our annual support and maintenance package.

Engineering support and updates at your fingertips

Our highly experienced engineering team provide our customers with fast and reliable support. 

Support is included as part of our standard 12-month warranty for all software products, along with access to the latest software updates, providing new features and enhanced stability. 

You can continue to access all the benefits of our engineering team’s support and software updates after the 12-month period with our popular annual support and maintenance package.  For developers, this means continuity of access to our in-house engineering expertise, providing invaluable software advice and problem-solving assistance. For deployed systems, renewed support and maintenance mean that you receive optimised software in its latest version, benefit from improvements in capability, and continued support for new operating systems, drivers, and security-related issues.

What does the Support & Maintenance package include?

For both developers and standard applications, the support warranty includes:

  • New software releases (typically several per year)
  • Support for new operating systems or compiler versions
  • Continuity of support for older platforms and compilers
  • Performance improvements and optimisations
  • Guidance on software architecture and bug fixes
  • Direct access to experts who can help with bespoke development queries
  • Help with testing and deployment of software
  • Priority access to paid-for non-recurring engineering work to be carried out by our in-house team

Annual Support and Maintenance package renewals are required for:

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How and when to request renewal

We recommend that you initiate the renewal of extended Support and Maintenance for your software one month before your existing support is due to expire to ensure continuity of supply. Please contact our sales team or your local distributor for pricing.

Would you like us to add you to our mailing list for annual Maintenance & Support reminders?

Complete the form below or send us an email with names and addresses of the individuals within your organisation who are the end users of our software, to help us keep them informed of any updates related to their software.


Send me an annual Maintenance & Support reminder

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Training courses are available and are tailored to the customer’s requirement. These are usually provided at our offices whenever possible, but video training sessions are also available.

Customer-Guided Product Development

Funded or co-funded development services are available (from adding an additional feature, right up to complete application development). Customer guided ‘Product improvements’ are sometimes provided free-of-charge. If you would like to discuss your project requirements, please get in touch by emailing: [email protected]

What do our customers say?

“…The support received from Cambridge Pixel during the development process was second to none."
- Warren Whitfield, Software Development Manager, Air Traffic Management Division, Tellumat

“…Cambridge Pixel's engineering team were highly responsive during all phases of the project and contributed to ensuring that we delivered a working solution to our customer on schedule."
- Mr Bernard Alhadef, President of SOFRESUD

“… Engineers at Cambridge Pixel were able to customise the software to the specific needs of our clients, e.g. support for SKyVector charts. Thus, we were able to offer our product to a wider range of interested parties.”
-Dominik Helff, Managing Director, becker-aero 

"We have worked with Cambridge Pixel for many years and have been impressed by their engineers' sensor expertise and their technical support to us and our integration partners…” 
- Frank Cobis, Vice President and General Manager of Klein Marine Systems

"…The company's engineers were able to respond quickly to our requirements … providing us in a timely manner with an invaluable tool to support our own software development and significantly accelerate and de-risk our integration activities." 
- Ken Kirkpatrick, President & CEO, OSI

When does your current maintenance package expire?

We recommend that you start the renewal process with us, one month before expiry of your warranty

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