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HPx-180 Synchro-Resolver Card

Radar Interface Hardware

Download the Datasheet (PDF)

The HPx-180 Mk2 is a PCI/PCIe form-factor synchro/resolver converter. Designed to interface with most standard synchro and resolver units, the card provides digitisation of the input signals, comparing them with the supplied reference signal to generate a 12-bit resolution parallel azimuth output (data and strobe) as RS-422. This output is compatible with Cambridge Pixel’s range of radar input cards including the HPx- 400, HPx-410 and HPx-250.

The card can also generate emulated ACP and ARP output signals for use with radar input cards that do not accept parallel azimuth (e.g. the HPx-346) or for legacy display systems that expect ACP/ARP radar antenna signals.

The HPx-180 Mk2 supports high voltage and low voltage reference and synchro/resolver inputs, making it suitable for use with a wide variety of installed systems. It is a PCI/PCIe form factor card, but the bus connector is for mechanical location only and does not take power or data from the PCI/PCIe bus. Power to the card is supplied using a standard PC power connector from the computer’s power supply unit (either 4-pin Molex connector or 4-pin floppy drive auxiliary connector). All inputs to the card and the emulated ACP/ARP are available on the card’s front panel via a D-type connector, while parallel azimuth is supported via an IDC socket. A ribbon cable between the HPx-180 and a radar input card such as the HPx-410 is used to provide parallel azimuth to the input card.

The HPx-180 Mk2 has front panel status indications including power, conversion error (input signals out of specification) and turning (LED turns on/off once per revolution).

  • PCI/PCIe form factor
  • Power from standard PSU connector
  • No connection to PCI power/data
  • Supports both synchro (3-wire) and resolver (4-wire) input
  • Data + strobe parallel azimuth output compatible with HPx-410, HPx-250
  • 12-bit resolution (4096 values per rotation)
  • Emulated ACP/ARP output for use with legacy systems
  • Input frequency DC to 40kHz
  • Rotation period 5 rpm to 120 rpm
  • Reference voltage 115V (P/N 311-101), 26V (P/N 311-102)
  • Synchro/resolver voltage 90V (P/N 311-101), 12V (P/N 311-102)
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HPx-180 Datasheet
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HPx-180 Synchro-Resolver Card

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