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For demanding ground movement displays of high fidelity radar video or primary tracking with fused IFF or ADS-B, Cambridge Pixel's modular, open-systems software products provide exceptional capabilities for commercial and military ATC radar applications.

For airport ground movement applications, the availability of high resolution ATC radar imagery permits air traffic controllers to monitor and manage craft and vehicle movements. The SPx Radar Scan Converter provides exceptional image clarity and resolution to detect and display the smallest of details. The scan converter permits ATC radar imagery to be easily integrated into a graphics display, allowing legacy hardware scan converters to be replaced by modern, cost-effective software solutions with minimal impact on existing software. Radar video can easily be distributed over standard Ethernet cables or fibre, allowing a single radar server to support multiple independent display positions.

For air defense applications, Cambridge Pixel's SPx Tracking Server software provides a configurable, high performance multi-hypothesis tracker. Primary radar may be received over a network or through the HPx-200 card with SPx Server generating track reports in Asterix format. These primary tracks may be combined with secondary surveillance radar (SSR) data, such as IFF or ADS-B, using Cambridge Pixel's SPx Fusion software module. The SPx software architecture provides system integrators with a flexible solution which allows individual capabilities to be included only as needed.

What do our customers say?

“As a result of the collaboration with Cambridge Pixels and the custom adaptions to the software, we at becker-aero, were able to provide our customers an excellent display tool with the ASD-100 application. Engineers at Cambridge Pixel were able to customise the software to the specific needs of our clients, e.g. support for SKyVector charts. Thus, we were able to offer our product to a wider range of interested parties.” -Dominik Helff, Managing Director, becker-aero 

"Cambridge Pixel's modular SPx software library made it easy for our engineers to design a custom solution that interfaced with existing equipment, where it was still fit for purpose, and add the new capabilities, such as IFF radar, that our client required.

"Cambridge Pixel's software modules are seriously best-in-class! This flexibility of the software modules approach has helped us to introduce new technology to extend the life of the Selex ATCR-33 and ATCR-2T radar systems, whilst minimising the cost of the upgrade program. The support received from Cambridge Pixel during the development process was second to none."Warren Whitfield, Software Development Manager, Air Traffic Management division, Tellumat

"We selected Cambridge Pixel's radar tracker as it met all our requirements. It is clearly one of the best-in-class software-based radar data extractor and target trackers we have seen. It provides target track identification, heading and speed for targets within radar coverage and it is proven to work effectively in busy airports." - Mr Wang, Project Manager of CAACSRI

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From target tracking and data recording and replay, to air situation displays and radar interfacing, let us help you with your project.

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