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Brochures and Datasheets

The brochures and datasheets for our products can be found below.


Cambridge Pixel Product Summary Brochure
Safety, Security & Surveillance Solutions
USV Sensor Processing Brochure
SPx Development Brochure
SPx Radar Processing and Display Brochure
SPx Server Brochure
SPx Radar Simulator Brochure
RadarWatch Brochure
RadarView Brochure
RadarVision Brochure
RDR Data Recorder Brochure


HPx-346 Analogue Radar to Network Converter Datasheet
HPx-410 PCIe Radar Input Card Datasheet
HPx-310 PCIe Radar Signal Output Card Datasheet
HPx-450 XMC Radar Input Card Datasheet
HPx-550 VME Synchro-Resolver Converter Card Datasheet
HPx-256 VME Radar & TV Video Signal Splitter Card Datasheet
HPx-180 PCI/PCIe Synchro-Resolver Card Datasheet
SPx-Scan Datasheet
ASD-100 Air Situation Display Datasheet
ASD View Datasheet
AVx VideoLink Datasheet
GPS Assist Datasheet
Maritime Display Framework Datasheet
Radar Video Combiner Datasheet
Radar Display Coprocess Datasheet
SPx Alarm Server Datasheet
SPx Camera Manager Datasheet
SPx Fusion Server Datasheet
SPx Monitor Datasheet
SPx Open Access Datasheet
SPx Radar Web Server Datasheet
SPx RadarLink Datasheet
SPx Server Datasheet
SPx Track Manager Datasheet
SPx Tracker-3D Datasheet
SPx Radar Trainer Datasheet
SPx Video Simulator Datasheet
SPx Viewer-3D Datasheet
Surveillance Display Framework (SDF) Datasheet
TEWA Threat Evaluation Weapon Assignment Datasheet
USVx Datasheet
VSD Video Security Display Datasheet

Datasheets (Legacy Products)

HPx-400e PCIe Radar Input Card Datasheet
HPx-300 PCIe Radar Signal Output Card Datasheet
HPx-250 PMC Radar Input Card Datasheet
HPx-200 PCI Radar Input Card Datasheet
HPx-200e PCIe Radar Input Card Datasheet
RS-100 Radar Recording and Replay Desktop Datasheet
SPx Radar Image Server Datasheet

App Notes

Avoiding Ground Loops in Radar Signal Connections App Note
Digital to Analogue Radar Video Conversion App Note
Distributing Composite Radar Data App Note
Furuno Network Radar Interfacing and Applications App Note
Furuno Radar Interfacing App Note
Generating Track Message Data App Note
Inserting Radar Video into an Existing Graphics Application App Note
JRC Radar Interfacing App Note
Key Benefits of the Software Solution for Radar Scan Conversion App Note
Moving Target Detection and Multi Channel Scan Conversion Presentation App Note
Multi Radar Scan Conversion App Note
Radar and Video Distribution Typical Network Data Rates App Note
Radar Video Range Correction Using a Plugin App Note
Raymarine Network Radar Interfacing and Applications App Note
RDC True and Relative Trails with Moving Platform App Note
Recognising and Mitigating the Effects of Sidelobes App Note
Running SPx Applications as Services App Note
Scan Conversion Software Architectures App Note
Scan Conversion Trails Colours App Note
Scan Converting to a Bitmap App Note
Serial to Network Data Conversion App Note
Sperry Radar Interfacing App Note
Successful Configuration of HPx Cards App Note
Synchronised Multi Channel Recording App Note
True and Relative Trails with Moving Platform App Note
Using C++ Classes in .NET Code App Note
Tracking from Video in SPx Server App Note
New MBT Extensions to SPx Server App Note