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HPx-346 Analogue to Network Radar Converter

Radar Interface Hardware

Download Datasheet (PDF)

The HPx-346 is a small form factor, combined analogue radar input and network radar video distribution unit. The unit connects to the analogue video interface on a radar, digitises the data and distributes it as UDP packets over Ethernet.

The HPx-346 features a SoC (System on Chip) to process the digitised radar video samples and packetise them ready for distribution over the unit's Ethernet port. The SoC is fast to boot and is operational within 10 seconds of power-up. The unit is extremely low power, using less than 5W peak, meaning that it can readily be accommodated with no special cooling requirements in most environments.

The HPx-346 accepts radar video, trigger and azimuth (ACP/ARP) signals as its input from the radar. It can be configured to handle a wide range of signal types, including differential and single-ended with signals up to 60V, allowing it to be connected to many different radar models.

The analogue input video is captured at up to 100MHz sample rate, using a high-precision analogue to digital converter at high resolution. Radars with PRFs up to 16kHz and rotation rates up to 120rpm may be supported by the card.

A dual-redundant network version, the HPx-346D, is also available, providing two independent Ethernet interfaces to send network radar video simultaneously onto two networks.

Extra Info

Network Distribution

The digitised radar video samples are formed into UDP packets, automatically fragmented if required. The video samples may optionally be compressed, using lossless compression, in order to save network bandwidth without losing information. The resultant UDP packets are then output on a standard RJ45 Ethernet connector, under control of the on-board ARM processor.  HPx-346D units send the UDP packets simultaneously onto two RJ45 connectors.

Radar returns are processed and distributed as they are captured, ensuring low latency between capture and distribution. Open standards, such as ASTERIX CAT-240, are supported for the radar video data output onto the network. So this data may be received and decoded with no special software requirements. However, the full power and flexibility of the SPx software is also available to receive and process this data.


The HPx-346 unit is configured, controlled and monitored by a convenient and intuitive web interface. No programming is required, simply point a standard web browser at the appropriate IP address and port number and an easy-to-use configuration page is presented.

Buying Options

The HPx-346 and HPx-346D are commonly supplied as small box-level units but are also available as OEM cards for system integrators to embed within their own systems. Additionally, 19" rack-mount units are available for multiple radar connections and may have customised front panel connectors.

Radar Solution
HPx-346 web interface
Radar Solution
HPx-346 boxed unit (single network)
Radar Solution
HPx-346 rack-mount unit
Radar Solution
HPx-346 OEM card (single network)
Radar Solution
HPx-346 OEM card (dual network)
  • Self-contained primary radar acquisition and network distribution unit
  • Low power combined ARM/FPGA processor
  • Analogue radar inputs:
    • Analogue video
    • Trigger
    • ACP/ARP
  • 100 MHz sample rate
  • Easily controlled via web interface
  • Supports PRFs up to 16kHz
  • Supports scan rates up to 120RPM
  • Wide range of input signal support:
    • Single-ended, open collector or RS422 differential
    • Single-ended voltages up to 60V
    • 50 Ohm, 75 Ohm or high impedance video input
  • Status and diagnostic LEDs
  • Opto-coupled inputs for noise immunity
  • Programmable pre-trigger compensation
  • Ship's head/end of range pulse input
  • Optional digital input
  • General purpose input/output lines (x2)
  • Optional NMEA input for North correction
  • 1000BASE-T Ethernet output (dual channel variant available)
  • Open network radar video formats, including ASTERIX CAT-240
  • Low latency
  • Lossless compression
  • Radar video processing, including:
    • STC/FTC filtering
    • Dynamic thresholding
    • Sector blanking
    • Azimuth offset
  • Open control protocol
  • Heartbeat messages
  • On-board test pattern generator
  • Loss of signal detection
  • Fully supported by SPx software, under Windows and Linux
  • Wide range of radars supported including:
    • Furuno
    • Kelvin Hughes
    • Terma
    • JRC
    • Koden
    • Sperry
    • Raytheon
    • Specialist Military Radars
  • Also available as card-level product for OEM
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