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SPx Viewer-3D

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3D View of Radar and ADS-B Tracks

Includes 2D PPI display, RHI views and a 3D view of track reports.

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SPx Viewer-3D
SPx Viewer-3D

A Clear View of Track History, Estimated Direction and Speed

Manipulate the viewpoint to observe the tracks and history trails from any angle.

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Key Features

3D visualisation software for radar track reports and ADS-B messages.

Input Tracks from Multiple Sources and in Multiple Formats

Track input formats and sources include SPx, ASTERIX and ADS-B. Multiple sources of the same track type are supported.

Each track source has a unique IP address and port and any permutation and combination of supported radar track sources can be displayed; for example SPx track reports from a primary radar video, SPx track reports from a secondary IFF radar video, and ADS-B messages.

Proprietary and legacy track input formats, such as NMEA, YLC and GeoJSON, can be supported via SPx Track Manager.

3D Visualisation

An intuitive display of the tracks and local terrain, allowing the user to change the viewpoint in real-time. 

Track history is shown as a sequence of trail dots, a track vector shows the estimated direction and speed of travel of the track and optional display of additional track details, such as track name and height. 

2D PPI and RHI displays

Track data can also be viewed in a 2D PPI view with maps and charts.

The Range Height Indicator view shows 2D cross-section of terrain and track positioning.

SPx Viewer-3D

SPx Viewer-3D Details

  • Windows or Linux support
  • Underlay map display
  • Terrain display
  • SPx input
  • ASTERIX input
  • AIS input
  • ADS-B input
  • Tracks symbology for primary, secondary and fused tracks, AIS and ADS-B tracks
  • Plan-Position Indicator (PPI) view
  • Range-Height Indicator (RHI) view
  • 3D view
  • Track table
  • Track monitor with history graph display
  • RHI and 3D position information shown on PPI view
  • Programmable track source colours
  • Follow or view from selected track in 3D view
  • Simple-to-use, multi-view track display
  • Works with a wide range of track formats
  • Extensible to other track formats
  • Intuitive user interface


Windows 10 (or later version) and Linux


  • Configuration file read at start-up
  • Application or browser-based user interface

Track Inputs:

  • ASTERIX CAT-1 (with CAT-2) CAT-10, CAT-48 (with CAT-34), CAT-20, CAT-62
  • AIS input: NMEA-0183
  • ADS-B input: CAT-21, KAL, AVR, BEAST, AIRNAV, FR24


  • PPI display - shows 2D view with maps and charts.
  • RHI display - Range Height Indicator view, shows 2D cross-section of terrain and track positioning.
  • 3D display - shows 3D-projected terrain with tracks mapped in 3D.

Browsers Supported:
Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox

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