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SPx Viewer-3D

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SPx Viewer-3D is a software application for Windows or Linux that proves a 3D visualisation of radar track reports arriving in SPx or ASTERIX format, as well as AIS and ADS-B messages. The software provides 2D PPI and RHI views and also a 3D view of track reports. The user may manipulate the viewpoint to observe the tracks and history trails from any angle.

SPx Viewer-3D receives track reports over a network interface and displays the track symbol as an overlay to a map or rendered terrain. Track history is shown as a sequence of trail dots, a track vector shows the estimated direction and speed of travel of the track and optional display of additional track details, such as track name and height. A typical application of the viewer is to show radar tracks from 2D or 3D radars, along with AIS and ADS-B information.

Input Tracks

Track input formats and sources include SPx, ASTERIX, AIS and ADS-B. SPx Viewer-3D supports multiple sources of the same track type.

Each track source has a unique IP address and port and any permutation and combination of supported radar track sources can be displayed; for example SPx track reports from a primary radar video, SPx track reports from a secondary IFF radar video, and ADS-B messages.

Proprietary and legacy track input formats, such as NMEA, YLC and GeoJSON, may be supported via Cambridge Pixel's SPx Track Manager product.


On Windows, SPx Viewer-3D is a standard Windows application and on Linux, the application is a server with a browser-based user interface.
The application provides an intuitive display of the tracks and local terrain, allowing the user to change the viewpoint in real-time.


Windows 10 (or later version) and Linux


  • Configuration file read at start-up
  • Application or browser-based user interface

Track Inputs:

  • ASTERIX CAT-1 (with CAT-2) CAT-10, CAT-48 (with CAT-34), CAT-20, CAT-62
  • AIS input: NMEA-0183
  • ADS-B input: CAT-21, KAL, AVR, BEAST, AIRNAV, FR24


  • PPI display - shows 2D view with maps and charts.
  • RHI display - Range Height Indicator view, shows 2D cross-section of terrain and track positioning.
  • 3D display - shows 3D-projected terrain with tracks mapped in 3D.

Browsers Supported:
Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox

  • Windows or Linux support
  • Underlay map display
  • Terrain display
  • SPx input
  • ASTERIX input
  • AIS input
  • ADS-B input
  • Tracks symbology for primary, secondary and fused tracks, AIS and ADS-B tracks
  • Plan-Position Indicator (PPI) view
  • Range-Height Indicator (RHI) view
  • 3D view
  • Track table
  • Track monitor with history graph display
  • RHI and 3D position information shown on PPI view
  • Programmable track source colours
  • Follow or view from selected track in 3D view
  • Simple-to-use, multi-view track display
  • Works with a wide range of track formats
  • Extensible to other track formats
  • Intuitive user interface
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SPx Viewer-3D Datasheet

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