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SPx Track Manager

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Process Radar Plots & Tracks

Format conversion, network switching, dual-redundant control, annotation and filtering of radar track messages.

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SPx Track Manager
SPx Track Manager

Solves Problems with Complex Setups

Convert, edit and filter track messages as needed for each display.

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Key Features

A multi-function track processing module

Format Conversion

If plot or track data is in a different format to that required by the display equipment, SPx Track Manager can convert between different formats, and even convert a single input channel to different formats simultaneously.

Track Distribution

Supports multiple input and output channels. A single track input channel can be configured to output to one or more outputs, allowing tracks to be output onto several different network adapters or network sub-nets.

Track Adjustment

The contents of a track message may be adjusted for selected track parameters, such as compensation for known position errors.

Dual-Redundant Operation

Supports dual-redundant streams of tracks, automatically enabling one stream and switching to the second in the event of its loss.

Track Filtering

Filters based on the track position, dynamics and properties can be set up on a track output channels, allowing the original track stream may be partitioned into different subsets of tracks sent to different displays, or restricting the output of tracks passing a threat test.

SPx Track Manager

SPx Track Manager Details

Extra Info

Host Systems

SPx Server is application software, designed to run on standard Intel PC or SBC hardware.

The software is simple to install and the following minimum specificiation is suggested:

  • Intel Core i5 or better CPU
  • 8GB or more of RAM
  • Windows 10 or 11 / Linux (mainstream distribution such as Red Hat, CentOS, Fedora and Ubuntu) less than 2 years old

Track Adjustment Examples

If there are known to be systematic errors in the track position then these can be compensated for. Also, the track’s lat/long can be corrected if it was originally based on slant range rather than flat range. Additionally, a display application can feed back to the Track Manager, through a remote control interface, to adjust classification and threat information.

  • Ready-made application for Windows or Linux
  • Supports ASTERIX, SPx, NMEA, REL-4, SEIWG, GeoJSON, other proprietary formats
  • Conversion between formats
  • Filtering on position, speed, threat level
  • Track annotation and correction
  • Web-based control interface
  • Supports dual-redundant switching of track streams
  • Remote API for system integrators
  • NMEA nav data input for track adjustment
  • Compatible with SPx Server, SPx Fusion Server, SPx System Monitor
  • Licensing options on number of output channels (1,2,4,8,16)
SPx Track Manager Datasheet
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Radar Solution
Map view with track filtering menu
Radar Solution
Map View with area of interest defined
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