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SPx Track Manager

Tracking, Fusion & Distribution

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This is a multi-function track processing module that provides a number of essential track-related services including: format conversion, network switching, dual-redundant control, annotation and filtering.

In a complex radar-based installation, plot or track reports generated at one  location will need to be displayed on a situational awareness display at another location. Several practical problems present themselves, for 

  • The track data may be in a different format to that required by the display equipment.
  • It may be required to handle dual-redundant streams of tracks and pass one to the display equipment.
  • Information required by the display equipment may not be present in the track stream, so additional fields may need to be added to the track data.
  • It may be desirable for operators to be able to edit the contents of track messages in a persistent manner.
  • There may be several displays at different locations on different network sub-nets that all need to receive the track data, so a splitter is needed.
  • It may be desirable to filter tracks so that only those tracks meeting certain conditions are passed onto the output.

SPx Track Manager is designed to address these issues.

Format Conversion and Distribution

SPx Track Manager is able to convert plot or track data between different formats and each input channel can be converted to different formats simultaneously if desired.

SPx Track Manager supports multiple input and output channels. Each input channel is configurable to drive one or more output channels, allowing tracks to be sent onto several different network adapters or network sub-nets.

Track Annotation

The contents of a track message may be adjusted for selected track parameters. For example, if there are known to be systematic errors in the track position then these can be compensated for. Also, the track’s lat/long can be corrected if it was originally based on slant range rather than flat range. Additionally, a display application can feed back to the Track Manager, through a remote control interface, to adjust classification and threat information.

Dual-Redundant Operation

Thanks to its mulitple input channel support, SPx Track Manager can act as a track data switch. It can be configured to support dual-redundant streams of tracks, automatically enabling one stream and switching to the second in the event of its loss, thus providing receiving clients with an uninterrupted data source.   

Track Filtering

A filter may be set up on a track output channel (SPx format only) to control the tracks being sent to that output. The filtering is based on the track position, dynamics and properties. By creating appropriate filters, the original track stream may be partitioned into different subsets of tracks sent to different displays, for example. Alternatively, the filter may be set up to restrict the output of tracks passing a threat test.

  • Ready-made application for Windows or Linux.
  • Supports ASTERIX, SPx, NMEA, REL-4, SEIWG, GeoJSON, other proprietary formats.
  • Conversion between formats.
  • Filtering on position, speed, threat level.
  • Track annotation and correction.
  • Web-based control interface.
  • Supports dual-redundant switching of track streams.
  • Remote API for system integrators.
  • NMEA nav data input for track adjustment.
  • Compatible with SPx Server, SPx Fusion Server, SPx System Monitor.
  • Licensing options on number of output channels (1,2,4,8,16).
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SPx Track Manager Datasheet