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Supported Radars

Our customers have interfaced to numerous radars using our HPx range of radar interface hardware directly via a network connection. Below is a list of radars to which our products have already interfaced and it is constantly growing. If you wish to couple to a radar that is not on this list, please get in touch to discuss your needs.

So far we've interfaced to 80+ different makes and models of radar

Make Model Interface Type
BAE Systems 996 Analogue
BAE Systems SAMPSON Analogue
Blighter B400, B303, B202 Network
Cassidian (now Airbus) ASR-NG Analogue
Cassidian (now Airbus) TRS-3D Analogue
Flir R20SS-3D Network
Furuno FAR-2117/2127/2817/2827 Network/Analogue
Furuno FAR-2117-BB, FAR-2127-BB Network/Analogue
Furuno FR2135 Analogue
Furuno FR8062/8122/8252 Analogue
Furuno 1832, 1932, 1942 Analogue
Furuno 1824, 1834, 1934C, 1944C, 1964C Analogue
Furuno DRS4D-NXT Network
Furuno DRS6A-NXT Network
Furuno FAR-15x3/FAR-15x8 Network
Furuno FAR-2xx8 Network
Furuno FAR-3000 Network
ICS XRAD-StraitMaster Network
ICS XRAD-OceanGard Network
ICS XRAD-StraitGard Network
ITT MPN-14K Analogue
JRC JMA-2343/2344 Analogue
JRC JMA-5332/5322/5312 Analogue
Kelvin Hughes SharpEye (SBS-700/800/900) Network/Analogue
Kelvin Hughes ScV/SxV SharpEye Network
Kelvin Hughes 1007 Analogue
Lockheed Martin APS-145 Analogue
Marconi S511 Analogue
Navico/Simrad R5000 Network
Navico/Simrad TXL-10S, TXL-25S Network
Navico/Simrad/Lowrance 3G Broadband Network
Navico/Simrad/Lowrance 4G Broadband Network
Navico/Simrad/Lowrance  Halo 3/4/6 Network
Navico/Simrad/Lowrance Halo20+/24 Network
Navtech AGS200/500/800/1600 Network
Navtech CTS350-X Network
Navtech I200 Network
NG Sperry Bridgemaster Analogue
Plessy/Selex Watchman Analogue
Rawenstvo OCEAN 100 (OKEAH 100) Network
Raymarine Cyclone Network
Raymarine Quantum Network
Raymarine Quantum 2 Network
Raytheon AN/TPN-24K Analogue
Raytheon Pathfinder MkII Analogue
Raytheon NSX Network
Saab Sensis SR-3 Analogue
Smartmicro 77 GHz UMRR Network
STX Engine AN/SPS-95K Analogue
Terma Scanter 2001/2100/2200/2600 Network/Analogue
Terma Scanter 4001/4002/4100 Network/Analogue
Terma Scanter 5102/5202 Network/Analogue
Terma Scanter 6000 Network/Analogue
Thales Phoenice Network
Toshiba TW-1374 Analogue
Weibel MFTR Network

Your radar's model not on this list?

Not a problem, get in touch and we can help

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