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Simple & Cost-effective Licensing

Our standard licensing terms are designed to be simple and cost-effective.

Most of our software is sold with a one-off perpetual licence. There are no further costs, other than the optional support and maintenance (12 months support is included with most products).

A different licensing arrangement is used for the SPx Development Library.

Licensing Information

As standard, our software is licensed by USB dongle or a licence file associated with a specific PC (MAC address).

Other forms of licensing may be available for certain products and situations, such as for developers incorporating our technology into their own products. To discuss custom licensing arrangements, please contact us.

1. Development Licences (SPx Development Library)

For development using the SPx Development Library, there is a one-time cost for the development libraries, utilities, documentation, tools and technical support. This only applies when developing new custom applications. 

Development Licence Permissions

The SPx Developer's licence permits SPx modules to be used for development purposes. It does not permit the deployment of software that includes SPx capabilities without the purchase, in advance of deployment, of run-time licences.

Renewal of Licences

An SPx Development licence includes technical support for a specific time period, normally 12 months. After this time, the support may be renewed.


2. Standard Runtime Licences

Runtime licences are perpetual and are required for deployment of any Cambridge Pixel software applications or customer applications developed using our library.

When is a Runtime Licence Required?

COTS software applications such as SPx Server, SPx Tracker-3D, ASD-100, VSD, RadarWatch, SPx Fusion, SPx Radar Simulator, RDR and RadarView are complete application programs provided by Cambridge Pixel in executable format. These require a runtime licence for each instance of the software that is run.

Where two (or more) instances of the same application are executed on the same computer, two (or more) licences are required.

For custom applications developed with Cambridge Pixel’s SPx Development library, a runtime licence is required for each executable program created by a customer that incorporates (is linked with) SPx modules. The run time licences required depend on the SPx functionality incorporated into the application.

Does the Runtime Licence Expire?

No. The run-time licence is a perpetual licence, which never expires. There is no recurring charge once the initial runtime licence fee is paid. Cambridge Pixel may develop enhancements to the deployed software and these may require additional support or licensing fees.

Licensing Restrictions

Cambridge Pixel may impose restrictions on deployment of run-time licences. These restrictions, if any, may relate to market or geographical limitations for the deployed software. If any such restrictions apply they will be defined by Cambridge Pixel in the 'Special Terms of Use' of the licence and procurement will be viewed as acceptance of those conditions.

Transfer of Runtime Licence

All SPx licences are supplied to a named organisation and site, as indicated in the licence certificate. Please note that the licence is not transferable without the prior written consent of Cambridge Pixel.


Please contact us if you have any questions about our licensing.

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