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About Cambridge Pixel

Cambridge Pixel is a specialised, engineering-oriented business focussing on the acquisition, processing and display of primary radar video and related sensors. We are based in the UK, and we operate world-wide.

Cambridge Pixel operates a British Standards Institution (BSI) approved ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, with a scope covering the development and support of software and hardware products for sensor processing and display. Our certification number is FS 547061. Read more about our quality policy here.

Our customers include many of the world's largest system integrators and radar suppliers, including:

Our display expertise embraces Windows and X11. We can deliver radar display solutions on low-end laptop computers through to multi-processor client-server configurations where processing and display are separated across a network. Uniquely, we have an understanding of radar concepts from signal acquisition through to multi-layered display and we can deliver an end-to-end solution - from sensor to display.

Our business focus is principally to supply to systems integrators. We offer products as software components that you can incorporate into your own application software, or as black-box sub-systems if you just need a solution. Our software is designed for ease-of-integration.

Cambridge Pixel is committed to open systems and open standards. Our software is based on industry-standard operating systems, graphics libraries and network protocols. We have introduced a new open-standard for radar compression and distribution and are committed to delivering solutions for Open Architecture compliance for the US Navy.

Our business philosophy is to deliver a quality product and service and provide first-class engineering support. Here is what some of our customers have said:

"We have a very close working relationship. It's never felt like a usual us-and-them contracting arrangement. It's a very constructive relationship."
Brian Page, Chief Technical Authority,
CMS Combat Management System, BAE Systems.

"We have been aware of the capabilities of Cambridge Pixel for some time and RadarView was our first choice for this application. Given the success of this project we are looking forward to working on future projects with the Cambridge Pixel team."
Lee Beeton, Head of Systems Engineering, Kelvin Hughes Radars.

"For new programmes, we wanted to work with a long term partner that is able to provide us with a cost-effective, flexible solution as well as the expertise, support and training required to enhance our naval combat management system."
Mr Yong Ook Lee, Naval Systems R&D Centre Leader,
Samsung Thales Corporation.

Please download a brief company overview leaflet below:

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