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Frequently Asked Questions

This page features the frequently asked questions that we receive from our customers related to Cambridge Pixel products and services. If you need help and support, please get in touch with us at: [email protected]


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Why can’t I see tracks displayed on my radar video? 

It is important to understand that RadarView does not create tracks. It displays tracks that it receives as input. To create tracks from video you need SPx Server.

Is RadarView available for Linux? 

No, RadarView is a Windows application. There are a number of options for displaying radar video under Linux - please consult our sales team.

What kind of maps does RadarView support? 

RadarView supports raster maps, tiled maps and ENC charts (needs an extra licence). Most situations use tiled maps which are automatically downloaded from the Internet for an area of interest. The maps are stored locally (cached), so that revisiting the same location does require internet access. For ENC charts, you need an additional licence and then the charts need to be purchased for the area of interest. Consult our sales team for more details.

What is a B-Scan or B-Scope display? 

This is a specialised format of radar display that shows radar against azimuth. It is used in naval fire control situations.

What is an A-Scan or A-Scope display? 

This form of display shows signal amplitude as a function of range for each radar return. It is the display you would see if you connected the radar video to an oscilloscope. It can be useful when looking at radar video signal levels to verify that the radar is correctly configured.

What is an RHI display? 

An RHI (Range Height Indicator) is a display that shows range along the X axis and altitude on the Y axis. Unlike other displays in RadarView, an RHI only displays Tracks, not radar video.

Why does it take a long time for AIS symbology to appear? 

It depends on the rate at which AIS messages are being sent. Some AIS messages, including those that define the size and details of a target, are sent less frequently, so it may be many 10s of seconds before the details of an AIS target can be displayed by RadarView.

Can RadarView display camera video? 

Yes, RadarView can be configured to display camera video received as an RTSP stream over the network or from a DirectShow compatible video capture device. A maximum of two video windows can be displayed simultaneously. RadarView also supports controls of up to two Pelco compatible PTZ cameras.