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Frequently Asked Questions

This page features the frequently asked questions that we receive from our customers related to Cambridge Pixel products and services. If you need help and support, please get in touch with us at: [email protected]

Maritime Display Framework

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Do you have development toolkits aimed at maritime displays? 

Yes, the Maritime Display Framework is a good starting point for this kind of application.

How is CPA/TCPA handled in MDF? 

CPA/TCPA (Closest Point of Approach and Time to CPA) values and related alarms are handled natively in MDF, via use of the SPx .NET library.

Is MDF just for developers or can it be used as a turnkey application? 

MDF is available both as a turnkey application, and (in conjunction with SPx Development) as a ‘source code supplied’ framework for developers to modify and extend.

What inputs does MDF require? 

MDF usually requires an NMEA-0183 navigation data input, an ASTERIX CAT-240 radar video input and an ASTERIX CAT-48, SPx or TTM  radar track input.  AIS input is also supported, and SPx Fusion can be optionally used to combine this with the radar tracks.  An H.264 camera video input can also be supported.

Is MDF an ARPA, ECDIS or Integrated Bridge System Display? 

MDF could be the basis of any of these systems for a system developer who uses it as the starting point for their development.

If I am developing a new maritime application what can MDF offer? 

MDF can be supplied with source code (for the application layer), meaning the standard MDF can be used as a starting point for further custom development. It is generally much easier for software developers to start with an application that implements the core functionality and then modify/expand the application for custom requirements. The final product may look very different to the initial MDF, but having the framework there from the beginning is generally a productivity boast for development.

What radars does MDF support? 

The radar is normally input to SPx Server which converts video to ASTERIX CAT-240 and generates tracks for input to MDF. SPx Server supports a very wide range of radar types from Simrad, Furuno, Raymarine, Kelvin Hughes, Terma, JRC and most other maritime radars (consult Cambridge Pixel's support team for details).