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Frequently Asked Questions

This page features the frequently asked questions that we receive from our customers related to Cambridge Pixel products and services. If you need help and support, please get in touch with us at: [email protected]

Radar Web Server

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How can I display scan-converted radar in a web browser? 

SPx Radar Web Server allows web clients to request scan-converted radar video for a defined geographical area using a REST interface. The scan-converted image is supplied as PNM or BMP images which can then be mixed with other layers generated by the web client.

What operating systems are supported by SPx Radar Web Server? 

SPx Radar Web Server is a client-server technology. Server distribution is supported under Windows and Linux, and client display is browser based with support for all five operating systems, Windows, Linux, macOS, IOS and Android OS.

What format are track reports provided in SPx Radar Web Server? 

SPx Radar Web Server servers track reports in an extended GeoJSON format.