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Frequently Asked Questions

This page features the frequently asked questions that we receive from our customers related to Cambridge Pixel products and services. If you need help and support, please get in touch with us at: [email protected]

ASD-100 & ASD-View

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What format of weather radar data does the SPx software accept? 

We support ASTERIX CAT-8 weather radar receipt and display in ASD-100, RadarView, and our SPx Development toolkit.

What software accepts ADS-B reports (ASTERIX CAT-21) on an Ethernet interface and provides a display on a computer? 

Cambridge Pixel can provide several applications that can do that, including RadarView, ASD-100 and ASD-View.

RadarView can receive an ADS-B input for display of track reports. RadarView can also receive, process and scan convert multiple channels of radar video into PPI, A-Scan and B-Scan formats.

ASD-100 is an air situational solution for the display of primary radar video, track reports (including ADS-B) and CAT-4 safety alerts.

ASD-View is an air situational solution for the display for ADS-B reports only.

Can I hide the side panel and menu bar in ASD-100? 

Yes, ASD-100 has configuration options to show/hide  the menu bar and side panel.

What maps are supported in ASD-100 and ASD-View? 

ASD-View supports world vector map, tiled and terrain contour maps. ASD-100 also supports raster maps, user maps and aeronautical charts.

How do I get SkyVector chart display on ASD-100? 

SkyVector charts are set up as described in the ‘Tiled Map Display’ section (3.24) of the ASD-100 User manual. A subscription to SkyVector is required and this needs to be procured directly from SkyVector (contact SkyVector directly at The SkyVector licence key number can be entered in ASD-100 via a setup dialogue or directly by editing the config file.