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Brochures and Datasheets

The brochures and datasheets for our products can be found below.

Radar Product Summary
SPx Development Brochure
SPx Radar Processing and Display Brochure
USV Sensor Processing Brochure
Security Solutions Brochure
SPx Server Brochure
SPx Radar Simulator Brochure
RadarWatch Brochure
RDR Brochure
RadarView Brochure
RadarVision Brochure
HPx-450 Datasheet
HPx-400 Datasheet
HPx-410 Datasheet
HPx-346 Datasheet
HPx-200 Datasheet
HPx-250 Datasheet
HPx-300 Datasheet
HPx-310 Datasheet
HPx-180 Synchro-Resolver Datasheet
Maritime Display Framework Datasheet
SPx Server Datasheet
SPx Fusion Datasheet
Radar Video Combiner Datasheet
RDR Systems Datasheet
ASD-100 Datasheet
ASD-View Datasheet
VSD Datasheet
USVx Datasheet
RDC Datasheet
RIS Datasheet
SPx Scan Conversion Datasheet
SPx Monitor Datasheet
SPx Radar Web Server Datasheet
SPx Camera Manager Datasheet
GPS Assist Datasheet
SPx Tracker 3D Datasheet
Open Access Datasheet
AVx VideoLink Datasheet
SPx Track Manager Datasheet
RadarLink Datasheet