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We can provide you with custom development of a brand new application to fulfil a specific set of agreed functional requirements. The ideal option for customers who require a very particular capability but do not wish to undertake development themselves.

A bespoke application development could be the ideal solution for customers who need something quickly and do not have, or choose not to use, their own software development resource. In many cases, some combination of Cambridge Pixel's ready-made applications and SPx development library provides the optimal solution for a given project.  However, Cambridge Pixel recognises that sometimes a custom turnkey solution is necessary and in this situation it can provide a complete, ready-to-run software application to meet the individual needs of the customer. 

Together, Cambridge Pixel's engineering team has decades of experience in radar processing and display, computer graphics, camera video decoding and display, camera control, graphical user interface design and transponder data receipt. This wealth of experience makes Cambridge Pixel uniquely-placed to undertake complex sensor processing and display projects.

This approach has proven very successful for a number of customers on diverse projects, ranging from remote radar display applications to fever detection systems. Read more about our publicised custom development projects:

At the end of development there is the option to transfer the application source code, allowing further development and customisation to be performed in-house.

  • Requires no in-house software capability
  • Shorter time to market
  • Provides solid platform for further enhancements
  • Potentially lower cost than other options
  • Utilises Cambridge Pixel's extensive experience and expertise in
    • Radar processing and display
    • Camera video decoding and display
    • Camera control and stabilization
    • Graphics and user interface design
    • Navigation data receipt
    • Transponder data receipt
    • Camera video tracking
    • Data recording and replay
Radar Solution
Fever Detection System for Silent Sentinel
Radar Solution
CxEye Security Display for Kelvin Hughes
Fever Detection System

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