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Framework Applications

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Framework applications are fully-functional display applications, supplied with the top-level source code and a development package, to allow user customisation. Designed to give developers a solid starting point and reduce development time, they offer the perfect balance of flexibility and development effort. 

Developing an operator display application is an attractive option for many system integrators because it provides the maximum flexibility to meet the requirements of the end user and also provides an in-house capability. The SPx Development Library provides the modules that a developer needs in order to add radar display capability into their own display application; however, just developing with a toolkit alone can take time.  The beauty of the framework application approach is that it provides a firm foundation which may then be modified and extended to meet specific requirements, potentially saving months of development time without losing internal capability.

Together, Cambridge Pixel's engineering team has decades of experience in development of complex radar processing and display applications.  Developers using framework applications as the basis for their own display applications get the benefit of this experience, leaving them free to concentrate on the unique requirements of their particular projects.

Framework packages are available covering a range of possible application areas, such as maritime displays on-board ships (Maritime Display Framework), remote maritime displays for USVs (USVx) and air situation displays (ASD-100).

  • In-house capability and knowledge is retained
  • Developers free to concentrate on project-specific requirements
  • Development time significantly reduced
  • Provides solid platform for further enhancements
  • Potentially lower cost than other options
  • Utilises Cambridge Pixel's extensive experience and expertise in:
    • Radar processing and display
    • Camera video decoding and display
    • Camera control and stabilisation
    • Graphics and user interface design
    • Navigation data receipt
    • Transponder data receipt
    • Camera video tracking
    • Data recording and replay
Radar Solution
Maritime Display Framework
Radar Solution
Radar Solution

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A great option for system integrators providing flexibility to meeting your end user goals and creating a new in-house capability.

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