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What is Employee Ownership?

Employee Ownership Trust (EOT)

In March 2020, Cambridge Pixel made the transition to employee ownership, helping to secure the long-term future of the business.

Employee-owned companies are widely acknowledged to have higher levels of employee engagement, productivity, profitability, and overall success with their customers.

Our Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) holds the shares on behalf of all our employees.

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Dave Johnson   Founder & Director

Job security and control

“ Employee ownership will provide continued job security, enabling employees to have collective control of their future and to continue to deliver world-leading radar technology. ”

Staff interview on employee-ownership

I feel more invested in the future of the company and how it will change going forward, as these changes are going to be in the interests of all of us here.

It also gives me a much greater feeling of long-term stability, with no fear of a take-over that can often lead to culture clashes and job losses.

The most obvious benefit is getting a bigger share of the success, including the profits. My opinion is now more relevant in decisions about the direction the company is moving in.

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Ben Baggott   Software Engineer

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Simon Carter   Independent Trustee

Independent Trustee Director interview

Along with the other trustee directors, I am responsible for looking after the interests of the beneficiaries. In practical terms, that means having oversight of the health of the company and holding the directors of Cambridge Pixel to account for how the company is performing and where it is heading, and ensuring employees have a voice in the big decisions.

As well as fostering a closer-knit, more inclusive team, employee-ownership offers a mechanism to share company profits through tax-free bonuses (up to a level) on top of usual pay if the funds are available. It also invites a greater contribution of ideas and insights from all levels for ways to help the company stay ahead of its game, be a good employer, and grow.

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