Navigation Data Monitor


Being able to visualise the raw navigation data coming into a system on a moving platform can be invaluable during system installation and commissioning. Actually seeing the incoming data sentences, with information about their frequency, is a crucial step in debugging complex mobile systems. The SPx Navigation Data Monitor tool is capable of receiving a number of fundamental NMEA-0183 sentences and presenting them in a clear and concise fashion. The tool can display the raw sentence string, along with information about its regularity and can also log messages to file.

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The SPx Navigation Data Monitor is a free application that Cambridge Pixel offers as an aid to integrators, installers and developers. To register for a copy of the tool please complete the form below:

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Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • No installation required, simply run executable
  • Windows 7/8/10 support
  • Receives the most commonly used NMEA-0183 sentences, including:
    • RMC, GGA, GLL
    • HDT, HDG, HDM
    • VTG, VBW, ROT
  • Network or serial port input
  • Data rate and variation reported for each sentence
  • Log data to file
  • Display current location on map (requires internet connection)
  • Moving map display (available in paid-for version)
  • Re-transmit data (available in paid-for version)
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