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Radar-only Autonomous Navigation in GPS Denied Environments for USVs

Radar-only Autonomous Navigation in GPS Denied Environments for USVs

Jammed or Spoofed GPS is a critical problem for Uncrewed Surface Vessels which rely on GPS for navigation. On-board radars can be used to detect spoofed GPS and provide a radar-based navigation alternative. The Typical USV System Configuration Small USVs typically use small-boat radars from manufacturers such as Simrad, Furuno and Raymarine.  These radars are small, light, inexpensive and run from 12V DC power.   However, these radars are designed for use with a small display unit from the same manufacturer, and although they typically use standard TCP/IP interfaces for control and radar video output, the data protocols are proprietary and require authorised 'unlocking' for USV use.  With the support of the radar manufacturers, Cambridge Pixel is able to ‘unlock’ the radars, control them and accept radar video from them, typically using SPx Tracking Server software to carry our plot extraction and target tracking from the radar video. Other potential track sources on a USV include AIS and video object recognition systems, and track sources can be combined into a single track stream (Cambridge Pixel use SPx Fusion).  The resulting track picture is...

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