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Cambridge Pixel Releases a Free ASTERIX CAT-240 Viewer for Radar Video

Publish date: 28/04/2022

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  • RadarView-240 allows radar manufacturers and developers to view a network stream of ASTERIX CAT-240 radar video data in Windows 10. 

CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom, April 28, 2022- Cambridge Pixel ( an award-winning supplier of radar display, tracking and recording subsystems, has announced the availability of a free software tool to assist radar manufacturers and developers with viewing ASTERIX CAT-240 data on a Windows 10 computer. 

ASTERIX is a standard for the exchange of air traffic services (ATS) information. It is developed and maintained by the European ATS organization Eurocontrol. Increasingly, radar manufacturers and display providers are adopting ASTERIX standards for exchange of radar information, because of the benefits standardised practices bring such as inter-operability and efficiency of development. Cambridge Pixel has been supporting ASTERIX standards since 2009 to ensure the SPx software solutions are compatible with the widest range of radars possible.

RadarView-240 receives its network data on a configurable network address and port, and then scan converts the data to create a PPI image in a window of any size. Full control of the view presentation is provided allowing for zooming and panning of the radar image. The scan conversion process allows the radar colour and fading to be set. This application is ideal for radar manufacturers and developers who work with the standard, developing new radars and building radar display applications.

RadarView-240 is a restricted version of Cambridge Pixel’s flagship RadarView application with a focussed set of features for the receipt, scan conversion and display of primary radar in ASTERIX CAT 240 format.
Commenting on the product announcement, Cambridge Pixel’s Technical Director Richard Warren says: “We have worked with many radar manufacturers and developers of radar display equipment who have requested a simple, no-frills tool for the display of radar data. We have developed this new software to help developers confirm that their product is working and to provide a simple verification that networking is configured correctly.”

Cambridge Pixel is providing this unlimited, free version of the ASTERIX data viewer as a self-contained Windows application. 

Download a free copy of the SPx RadarView-240

For individuals requiring enhanced display capabilities, RadarView-240 can be upgraded to the full RadarView product, which offers support for ASTERIX CAT-48 tracks, maps, AIS, ADS-B, multiple windows, and multiple input channels.

A Whitepaper summarising Cambridge Pixel’s in-house engineering expertise on working with ASTERIX CAT-240 is also available. With over a decade of experience in working with this standard, Cambridge Pixel has been helping customers problem solve its various intricacies. This Whitepaper covers advice on topics such as data compression, packetization, doppler encoding and more.

Cambridge Pixel's radar technology is used in naval, air traffic control, vessel traffic, commercial shipping, security, surveillance and airborne radar applications, with customers in over 50 countries world-wide, and a proven track record of delivering projects for the world’s airforces and navies.

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