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Cambridge Pixel Donates Software to RAF Air Defence Radar Museum

Publish date: 21/02/2023

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Cambridge Pixel provides military-grade radar display software to Norfolk museum, enabling accurate radar video displays.

CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom, February 20, 2023 – As part of a number of upgrades scheduled for the RAF Air Defence Radar Museum in Neatishead, Norfolk, Cambridge Pixel has donated specialist software, allowing the museum to display radar video and targets generated from a mixture of live aircraft movement and simulated air scenarios.

The ASD-100 software donated is a military-grade solution used to display air targets, while the Radar Simulator software is widely used around the world for testing and training applications.

The museum intends to use the software for a number of radar displays and to assist with talks given in their atmospheric Cold War operations room. Visitors will be able to view displays used by real radar operators and see scenarios recreated by the museum team.

Cambridge Pixel hope the donation will help more people become interested in radar technology and the British innovation in this technology field that still continues today.

Hattie Hearn, Manager of the RAF Air Defence Radar Museum, said, “We’re incredibly grateful to Cambridge Pixel for donating the software to the Museum. Its application in the Cold War Operations Room will help to bring the historic monitors to life and will be vital in showing visitors the continued importance of radar to our air defence system.”

The software was installed onsite by Andrew Haylett, Principal Engineer, Cambridge Pixel, who added, “This is a rewarding and interesting application of two of our key software products, and we are glad to have this opportunity to work with the team of volunteers at the Museum to enhance the visitor experience at this historic site.”

To find out more about the RAF Air Defence Radar Museum, please visit or call 01692 631485. 

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