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Cambridge Pixel
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Cambridge Pixel's
SPx Software Library

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Target Tracking
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Radar Interface Cards

New HPx-346 & HPx-400e


We supply products, software development services and training in the areas of sensor video processing and display, including:

  • Software Scan Converters for primary radar display
  • Radar acquisition cards (PCIe/PCI, PMC and small form-factors)
  • Radar processing
  • Target tracking and multi-sensor fusion
  • Multi-layered Graphics Solution
  • Radar Compression and Distribution
  • Radar, camera, screen and data recording/replay
  • X11 (Xlib, GTK) and Microsoft Windows user-interface development
  • Video processing and display

We can undertake custom development at various levels, from low-level additions to our SPx library up to full custom application development. Our unique experience developing complex graphical applications and real-time embedded software allows us to offer a highly cost-effective service.

Custom Application Development

Develop your complete application from an agreed specification and deliver high-quality source code with test procedures and test results. We can help formulate the requirement and work with third-party software and hardware to help build your solution. We are experienced working in ISO9000 quality systems and can deliver high-quality code that works and can be maintained.

Framework Solution

We can develop a "framework solution" that demonstrates all key functional components of your finished application, but leaves you with the final responsibility to add the details to the software to your exact needs. We deliver source code that you can build on to complete the final application. The framework code eliminates major risks from your development. It shows how all the components fit together and it demonstrates a working example.

Components and Support

We provide class libraries, sample code, advice, training and expertise to help you develop your application. Our class library covers a wide range of radar processing and display tasks. It is modular and flexible, and can provide solutions for embedded or desktop configurations in Windows and Linux environments.