Software Scan Conversion Benefits

Some of the key benefits of the software-based approach to radar video scan conversion are outlined below:

  • Spares - There is no need to pay for expensive hardware scan converters to sit in a store room as a spare. With the software scan converter, only deployed systems are licensed.
  • Obsolescence - The software scan converter runs on industry-standard processing and graphics hardware. There's no proprietary hardware to replace, so technology updates are as simple as updating the processing platform.
  • Maintenance - No repair or maintenance costs. Reducing the hardware content improves system reliability and reduces maintenance costs.
  • Cost - Software scan converters exploit industry-standard hardware to provide highly attractive cost benefits. In terms of initial procurement and total lifetime costs for maintenance and replacement, the savings can be significant.
  • Flexibility - For new or evolving display requirements, the software approach provides unmatched flexibility. Software solutions can easily be upgraded in the field with minimal impact on other system components.
  • Portability - The same software scan conversion solution can work on laptops, servers and console displays, without the need for special and expensive hardware. A single solution for Linux and Windows platforms brings the option for radar display to any display-capable computer.
  • Expansion - Enhancing capabilities in the radar display is accomplished by updating software modules. This is significantly easier and more cost effective than the shipment of hardware components from deployed units back to the original equipment manufacturer.