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ASD-View is Cambridge Pixel's lightweight PC-based display application for ADS-B receivers. It is a complete ready-to-run Windows application for the display of target positions and associated information contained within ADS-B transmissions.

ASD-View is part of Cambridge Pixel's air surveillance display solutions, which also include the ASD-100 application for display of primary and secondary radar data and associated information such as plots, tracks and safety alerts.

ADS-B Out capability becames mandatory in 2020 on aircraft equipment in many regions of the world. Additionally, ADS-B is increasingly used by helicopters, light aircraft, drones, gliders, airport vehicles and maritime vessels such as FSOs and offshore maritime platforms with helicopter landing areas.

ASD-View runs on any modern Windows (7/8/10) PC, accepting input data from the network in a number of different formats, including ASTERIX CAT-21. The graphical user interface has been designed with modern touchscreen displays in mind. To this end, the frequently-used controls are readily accessible and operated by large buttons. Common view controls, such as pinch-to-zoom and slide-to-pan are supported. 

Going Further with ASD-100

Where ASD-View provides a visualisation capability for ADS-B tracks, Cambridge Pixel's ASD-100 product expands this to include primary and IFF radar and derived track information. The ASD-100 display can show any combination of ADS-B, primary radar video, IFF radar video, primary tracks and IFF tracks, presented on a geo-located map with a comprehensive set of tools for air defence applications. 

  • Complete ready-to-run application for Windows
  • Windows 7/8/10 compatible
  • ASTERIX CAT-21 ADS-B data input
  • Beast and AVR ADS-B data input
  • NMEA 0183 navigation data to support moving platforms
  • Multiple map support (on/off line):
    • Tiled maps
    • Terrain contour map
    • World map
  • History trails and target vectors ("leader lines")
  • Configurable target label display
  • Flexible configuration options
  • Full zoom and off-centre control
  • Display filters
  • Overlay graphics:
    • Range rings
    • Rulers
    • Range scale indicator
  • Multiple track monitor windows
  • Easy configuration wizard
Cambridge Pixel Sensor Acquisition and Tracking Product
ASD-View datasheet
Cambridge Pixel Sensor Acquisition and Tracking Product
ASD-100 datasheet
Cambridge Pixel
ASD-View - World Map
Cambridge Pixel
ASD-View - Tiled Map
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