Security Solutions - Software Modules for Intelligent Sensing

Security Solutions

Cambridge Pixel's field-proven SPx software components are ideal for building sensor-based surveillance solutions. Modules are available for radar and camera interfacing, processing and display, which can then be built into a complete security application. Additionally, solutions can be provided as ready-to-run applications or as framework applications, supplied with source code for extension, localisation and long-term support.

SPx software interfaces to many industry-standard radar, video and related sensors and provides a comprehensive range of processing and display capabilities. SPx provides many of the functional capabilities required from a modern security solution, from acquisition of data as signals or network streams, to processing, classification and fusion, on to display widgets or even ready-to-run end-user applications.

VSD Enlarge

Cambridge Pixel's Security Solutions software can be supplied at four levels:

  • At the first level it is a library of software modules that cover a wide range of security-relevant radar and camera acquisition, processing and display functions, offering sensor and hardware-independent modules of expertise. This is aimed at system developers who require core software modules for radar and camera interfacing, processing and control.
  • At the second level the software modules are built into a framework application (an extended example), which serves to demonstrate how various radar, video and display modules can be used together. This application is delivered with source code for optional extension, maintenance and long term support by the a customer.
  • At the third level, Cambridge Pixel can develop a customised security application, based on a detailed requirement specification. This option requires no development by the customer.
  • Finally, the ready-made VSD application (shown above) meets a number of common user requirements (e.g. radar tracking and camera slew-to-cue) and simply installs on a standard Windows PC. Again, this option requires no development by the customer.

Security Solutions for Software Developers

Cambridge Pixel's field-proven SPx and SPx-AV software modules for sensor interfacing, processing and display functions may be supplied as C++ classes that can be built into a Windows or Linux application. A custom application can combine functions from across radar, video, processing and display options.

The functional modules that are incorporated are summarised here.

Framework Application

A framework application may be developed against relatively broad, general requirements and supplied with top-level source code which can then be customised, extended and maintained. The framework application is essentially an extended example application, demonstrating how to use various SPx library modules. Typical capabilies such as radar interfacing, tracking, display, map display and camera control and display, may all be built into the framework application, as required.

The framework application option is extremely cost effective, allowing developers to concentrate more on the user interface of the final application and less on the internal processing.

Bespoke Security Applications

For customers who don't have the time or resources to develop their own application using the SPx libraries, Cambridge Pixel's engineers can develop a custom application and supply it as a ready-to-run executable.

The CxEye™ application developed for Kelvin Hughes is an example of a bespoke end-user application. CxEye™ features multi-radar tracking and track fusion, camera video display, camera PTZ control (including slew-to-cue) and target alarms.

CxEye Enlarge


VSD is Cambridge Pixel's ready-made security and surveillance display application. VSD incorporates many of the common security application requirements into a standalone executable that runs on a standard Windows PC.

VSD provides the following key features:

  • Up to four radars and 16 cameras supported
  • Target tracking
  • Radar video and track display
  • Map display
    • Tiled maps
    • User maps
  • Secondary data (AIS, ADS-B, IFF) interfacing, decoding and display
  • Fusion of primary and secondary track data
  • Camera display (multiple cameras)
  • Record and replay
  • Camera control
    • Slew-to-cue from selected radar target
    • From video tracking
    • Manual (GUI control or joystick device)
  • Slew-to-cue
    • Manually designated target
    • Newest target
    • Nearest target
    • Cyclic
  • Video stabilisation
  • Video tracking
  • Alarm zones and operator alerts
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