SPx Radar Sources

SPx Radar Software

SPx radar software supports a number of different input sources from live radar inputs through to test patterns. Each SPx radar source object is derived from a common base class and may therefore simply be interchanged within an SPx-based application. This makes it straightforward to switch between a test pattern source for application development and a live source for deployed systems.

HPx Hardware

The HPx family of radar input cards provides the front-end interface for SPx applications to receive data signals directly from a radar. Please see here for more details on the HPx range of radar interface cards.

Network Input

The SPx network input object accepts raw or compressed radar video across a network interface. The source of data may be a radar outputting radar video directly onto the network and a number of proprietary radar data formats are supported. Alternatively, it may be another SPx application or a custom application sending video onto the network, in a supported format. The SPx architecture is very flexible, so that the addition of custom network formats is straightforward.

Scenario Generator

SPx Scenario

The SPx scenario generator supports the generation of radar video containing moving targets and simulated target noise. The object allows targets to be inserted and generated for multiple radars, allowing multi-radar installations to be simulated. Targets produced using the scenario generator may each be given speed, course and acceleration, they may even be programmed to follow a designated path.

Software Test Pattern

SPx Test Pattern

The SPx test generator module provides a programmable set of radar test patterns to support system configuration and testing. The test pattern generator supports pre-defined patterns, with the option for user-defined modes. The output data rate is configurable through scan rate and PRF, which is programmble in the range 100 Hz to 10 kHz, and scanning mode, which includes rotating scan, sector scan and random scan.

File Replay

Radar recordings previously made using the SPx recording process may be replayed from file. Recording files may be replayed to analyse missions, to assist with tracker configuration or simply as a test source during application development.

User Defined Input Source

In some situations, radar video may already be available as a network stream or in-memory data structure. The SPx library provides a class that can be used to interface to the existing data source and so convert the data into SPx format. The SPxExternalSource class allows existing data to be converted into SPx format and then displayed, processed or recorded.