SPx Development Software

SPx Radar Software

Library Modules

  • Radar range and azimuth correlation
  • Buffering and polar-store management
  • Interference suppression
  • Radar video compression/decompression
  • Network send/receive
  • Record/replay to/from file
  • Test pattern generator
  • Target scenario generator
  • Moving platform support
  • Scan conversion (PPI, B-Scan)
  • A-Scan display
  • Client-Server messaging
  • Trail history retention
  • Sector blank process
  • CFAR dynamic thresholding
  • FTC/STC filtering
  • Clutter map generation
  • Scan-to-scan integration
  • Area masking (polygon, sector,
  • LUT manipulation, gain/offset control
  • Range ring insertion
  • Plot extraction
  • Target tracking (available in SPx Server software)
  • Utility functions for time management, parameter read/write, plugins.
  • Compositing functions for underlay and overlay displays
  • Graphics renderers

Development Tools and Utilities

  • Moving platform (NMEA) test application
  • Utility to distribute network video
  • ASTERIX message test utility
  • Heartbeat test utility
  • Serial to UDP network protocol converter
  • Scenario generator
  • Network packet record/replay
  • HPx set up and test utility

Sample Applications

Over 50 sample applications are available, with source code, for Windows and Linux to demonstrate many aspects of the SPx software.