Summary Specification

SPx Radar Scan Conversion
  • Software radar scan-conversion
  • Industry-leading performance - uses COTS hardware for processing and graphics
  • PPI, B-Scan and A-Scan display
  • Up to 256 levels of smooth fade
  • Radars up to 240 rpm
  • High accuracy conversion - full double-precision calculations
  • Balanced CPU/GPU execution
  • Multiple windows - limited only by hardware, so growth path assured
  • Multiple radars in a window - multiple videos or different radars in the same window
  • Multiple colours - show different videos in different colours for clarity
  • Hole-free, spoke-free - considers all source and all destination samples
  • Trail retention on view change - keeps display of trail history on view change
  • Test pattern generator - flexible test and scenario generator module for testing
  • Continuous zoom and centering - Fully programmable range scaling and view centering
  • Real-time updates - Updates at display for real-time appearance of sweep
  • Time-based or sweep-based fading
  • Native C++ library - Easy-to-use C++ library for Windows or Linux/X11
  • .NET and Java support available
  • Cost effective - Offers significant cost-of-ownership savings against older hardware-based solutions
  • Easy integration into application - Works with Windows and Linux/X11 graphics
  • Highly configurable - Easy to use, but also flexible to accommodate special requirements
  • Part of an integrated product family
  • Optional radar recording