Multiple Display Channels

SPx Radar Scan Conversion

A unique feature of the SPx software scan-converter is its ability to display multiple channels of radar video simultaneously. This can represent multiple radars, for example located at different locations, but also can be used to show different videos from the same radar. These videos may be output from the radar itself, or else may be derived by an SPx processing chain. For example, SPx can be used to identify moving targets in the input video by comparing current data with a time-averaged history. The data identified as changed can then be scan-converted and displayed in a different colour, providing display emphasis to an operator. Click here to download an application note that shows how SPx may be used to identify and display moving targets as an additional channel of radar video.

Multiple Display Channels

The automatic generation of a moving target indicator (MTI) by processing the video allows rapid identification of changes in the radar display images. In a complex, changing environment, such as an airport, for example, movement around the aircraft can very easily be seen in a colour that contrasts with the normal video

Trail History Retention

When the view being displayed by the scan converter changes, older scan converters typically lost the trail history, which then needed time to build again. With the SPx scan-converter, trail history can be retained automatically across zooms or scrolls of the display.