HPx-300 Radar Signal Output Card

HPx Series Radar Interface Cards

The HPx-300 Radar Signal Output card generates representative radar signals for system testing, simulation, training or radar video streaming. Under software control, the card produces radar video, trigger and azimuth signals similar to those generated by real radars. This permits radar display or processing systems to be tested and qualified using laboratory-based equipment before installation with the radar.

The HPx-300 is a single-lane (x1) PCI express card, which generates radar signals under the control of host application software. Time-stamped radar video data is passed to the card over the PCI express bus and the card then produces the appropriate video, trigger and azimuth data signals in real-time. A first-in-first-out (FIFO) buffer on the card allows the host computer to write a number of radar returns into memory, which the HPx-300 card then outputs at the requested times. The typical buffer size is 100ms, which therefore specifies the latency in processing video through the card. Digital adjustments to the output timing are made to ensure that the output rate of video exactly matches the rate of arrival of data from the host computer.

The HPx-300 card is extremely versatile, supporting a broad range of rotation periods, as well as variable and staggered PRF modes (including variable length returns). In addition to emulating conventionally rotating scan radars, the card may also be configured for counter-rotating, sector scanning or random scan modes. The output signal voltages and types are jumper-selectable, providing a wide range of output signal options.

Radar Simulation

When the HPx-300 card is teamed with the SPx Radar Simulator software, the result is a highly flexible, configurable and powerful radar simulation tool that can generate analogue radar video, targets, SSR/IFF, AIS and navigation data. A key feature of SPx Radar Simulator is the ability to generate synchronised data sets of video, targets and related navigation data when simulating ship-based systems.

The combination of HPx-300 card and SPx Radar Simulator software provides a simple-to-use source of realistic radar data for system development, system test/qualification or operator training.

Radar Streaming

Radar signals can be moved across an Ethernet network using a server system (e.g. HPx-400e plus SPx Server) to digitise the radar signals and distribute the resulting data digitally. The HPx-300 card, along with the SPx software, may then be used to convert the network video back into analogue signals. This approach may be adopted when legacy display equipment having an analogue radar interface is to be retained.

Display Console Testing

Access to live radar signals during console development or testing can be difficult and expensive. The HPx-300 card provides a convenient and realistic source of radar signals to stimulate display equipment in the absence of a live radar source.

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