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Newsletter Archive

Cambridge Pixel publishes regular newsletters to our mailing list. Read previous editions of our newsletter below.

  • Issue: 35, April 2019

    Audio support added to RDR, Navigation Data Monitor free download, loudhailer support added to RadarWatch, multi-radar scan conversion, Elcome appointed as Middle East distributors.

  • Issue: 34, January 2019

    National Coastwatch Institution, tracking and display software at UK firing ranges, AIS-assisted plot merging, ASD-100 product enhancements, 2019 trade show schedule.

  • Issue: 33, September 2018

    Lockheed Martin combact management systems, RadarView enhancements, additional radar formats supported by HPx-346, IMO scenario simulation, Cambridge Pixel office expansion.

  • Issue: 32, May 2018

    RadarWatch release, trackers for smart motorways, enhanced Simrad Halo support, ADS membership, GDPR compliance.

  • Issue: 31, February 2018

    Radar signal to network converters, radar video combiner application, augmenting camera video with target track information, tradeshow schedule for 2018.

  • Issue: 30, October 2017

    IFF processing enhancements, radar trackers for Chinese airports, Cambridge Pixel in The Parliamentary Review, ISO 9001:2015 accreditation and continuous improvement.

  • Issue: 29, August 2017

    HPx-346 released, Simrad Halo radar support, Hensoldt and FLIR camera integration, portable radar simulator system, web chat facility.

  • Issue: 28, May 2017

    HPx-400e released, Norwegian tunnel project, Middle East security project, Windows Error Reporting, 10 year anniversary.

  • Issue: 27, February 2017

    RadarVision released, VSD product enhancements, 2017 tradeshow schedule.

  • Issue: 26, November 2016

    Unmanned Warrior USV trials, launch of RIO compact radar processing systems, SQL and screen recording added to RDR, Euronaval and Indo Defence tradeshows.

  • Issue: 25, August 2016

    Royal Navy navigation radars, tracker enhancements, USVx "standalone" mode, free radar coverage tool.

  • Issue: 24, February 2016

    RDR support for H.264 video, small target tracking, SharpEye simulation and emulation, upcoming tradeshows.

  • Issue: 23, November 2015

    Recent tradeshows, visit by Heidi Allen MP, new customer web pages, VSD for airport threat detection, Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015 support.

  • Issue: 22, July 2015

    Presentation of Queen's Award, RDR product launch, radar and camera integration, SPx Radar Simulator mixing real and artificial radar video, DSEI show preview.

  • Issue: 21, March 2015

    Cambridge Pixel at Sea-Air-Space, ASD-100 product launched, Saab Sensis select RadarView for use with SR-3 radar, website updated.

  • Issue: 20, October 2014

    Cambridge Pixel at Euronaval, IFF support (decoding, tracking and simulation), Blighter radars deployed at Korean DMZ, RadarView video analysis.

  • Issue: 19, June 2014

    New SPx Developments, Secure-X security software, Simrad 4G radar support, display of radar video in a browser.

  • Issue: 18, January 2014

    SPIE Security Show preview, ASTERIX CAT-240 radar video distribution, new Radar Recorder product and Exelis contract story.

  • Issue: 17, August 2013

    DSEi London show preview, HPx-300 product release, Simrad/Lowrance 3G and 4G support.

  • Issue: 16, April 2013

    Spx Radar Simulator product release, open radar standards, LAAD Rio de Janeiro show preview.

  • Issue: 15, November 2012

    New website launch, RadarIew mapping enhancements, Tech Source Condor support in SPx AV, DSE contract story.

  • Issue: 14, June 2012

    5 Year Anniversary, SPx library enhancements, radar on Raspberry Pi, charity cycle ride.

  • Issue: 13, February 2012

    SPx ECDIS and HPx-200e product launches, SPx AV support for GPU processing.

  • Issue: 12, September 2011

    Cambridge Pixel's new look, SPx AV product preview, HPx-250 product launch, AIS support within SPx, US Coast Guard Show preview.

  • Issue: 11, May 2011

    HPx-200 product launch, Windows 7 and Visual Studio 2010 support, COTS Journal article.

  • Issue: 10, January 2011

    BAE Systems contract announcement, new SPx Server capabilities, Radar Image Server product launch.

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