ECDIS and Commercial Shipping


ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System) is increasingly replacing the use of paper charts as the primary means of navigation on more and more commercial ships. Indeed, legislation is now in place that makes carriage of ECDIS equipment compulsory on all passenger ships, tankers and cargo vessels over specific sizes.

Cambridge Pixel's SPx development library and SPx Tracking Server software offer high quality radar and chart display, plus target tracking to the ECDIS market. Aimed primarily at display application developers and system integrators, the SPx software suite provides a simplified development path for addition of radar, tracks and charts into an ECDIS application. This leaves aplication developers free to concentrate on the user interface and application graphics.

Traditional ECDIS displays do not necessarily include a primary radar display layer and where they do it is often a simple overlay, which obscures the underlying chart display. Radar video added using the SPx software is blended with the chart graphics and individual S-57 layers may be selectively chosen as overlays, thus ensuring that chart information always remains visible.