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USV Projects with SIS
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Issue: 41 September 2020
HPx-410 Released

Cambridge Pixel has just released the HPx-410 high performance radar interface card. This new card complements the existing range of radar interface hardware and is intended for projects with the most demanding data throughput requirements.

The HPx-410 card provides two channels of 125MHz sampling and uses a PCIe x4 lane interface, for peak data transfer rates of up to 500MB/s. As with other cards in the HPx range, the HPx-410 is fully supported by our SPx software libraries and applications.

Learn more about the HPx-410 here.

USV Projects with SIS

Cambridge Pixel has been working with Spatial Integrated Systems (SIS) in the US for several years, on a number of USV projects. SIS uses Cambridge Pixel's radar tracking and fusion software to add radar and AIS sensors into its autonomy system.

The success of the ongoing cooperation between SIS and Cambridge Pixel was recently demonstrated at the US Navy autonomous surface vessel trials. During these trials the systems were deployed on several craft, allowing them to perform autonomous transits, including within areas of high traffic.

Learn about our USV capabilities here.

Flightradar24 Data Support

Cambridge Pixel has recently completed integration of Flightradar24's (FR24) data feed across its product range. This means that the live air traffic picture created by FR24 can be used as a source of tracks for fusion and display. It may also be converted to other formats, such as ASTERIX CAT-21, where necessary.

Customers with a subscription to FR24 can now benefit from being able to visualise that data within a Cambridge Pixel display application such as ASD-100, RadarView or RadarWatch. The FR24 data can be used as an alternative to installing a local ADS-B receiver or for monitoring out-of-range air traffic.

More information about ASD-100 is available here.

50 countries/75 Radar Models

Cambridge Pixel has reached a double milestone: exporting to more than 50 countries worldwide and supporting more than 75 different models of radar.

Since the company's beginning in 2007, Cambridge Pixel has worked with customers and partners in countries across the world. This was recognised in 2015, when we were given the Queen's Award for international trade.

View a list of some of the radars supported by Cambridge Pixel's products here.

Yours sincerely,

Rob Helliar
Cambridge Pixel