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Hello  Reader,
Our support team are often asked questions about how to problem solve something specific, test, debug, or to successfully handle challenges associated with certain tasks. We have decided to launch a new type of content called 'Engineering Insights' in which our answers to theseand other questions are documented. 

We hope you'll find them valuable, interesting and sometimes instructive. Read the first of these on ACP and ARP radar signals below, and share it with a colleague or a friend who might find it useful.

  • Interfacing to legacy radars
  • Multi-cast distribution
  • Radar compression: how and why
  • Small target detection
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Understanding ACP and ARP Radar Signals

The radar equipment receiving the ACP and ARP signal has the task of interpreting the signals to correctly label each radar return with the azimuth that it was derived from. So what does your radar equipment need to know and what can go wrong with ACP/ARP signal handling?
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Coming early next year: SPx Tracker-3D

We are developing a new 3D tracker to extend the scope of our customers' radar tracking capabilities. In the photo above, you'll see our engineers running its demo a few weeks ago.

The 3D tracker will support 3D and electronically scanned radars and complements our flagship SPx Server product, which handles 2D radars.  SPx Tracker-3D supports variable update intervals for new detections, allowing radars to operate in a scanning surveillance mode or in a sweep or staring mode in which detections arrive much more frequently. Target height or elevation is input to the tracking process and used to update 3D models describing the target's behaviour. 

We anticipate the tracker to be released at the start of 2022, email us for more information, and to be added to the pre-launch news email list for this unique piece of kit.  
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After a long year of restricted travel, we were happy to attend DSEI 2021 and meet many of our customers and colleagues face-to-face. If you find yourself in Spain at the end of October, Mark and Rob will be at the World ATM Congress 2021 in IFEMA, Madrid. Cambridge Pixel's stand no is 137, please drop by to say 'hello' if you can.

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We've expanded our air defence software product range to include threat evaluation. Comprised of a set of modules, the new TEWA software is a system-agnostic tool to integrate with legacy as well as the latest primary and IFF radars.

Download the TEWA Datasheet for more information.
We have collaborated with becker-aero to improve nationwide ADS-B coverage and to make flying safer across a number of sites in Asia.

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Our engineers are continually introducing updates across our entire range of products. View the latest software updates list here.

To request the latest version of your software, please get in touch via email or call us: +44 (0) 1763 852749.
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Our technical support team is always on hand to support our end-users, installers, and integrators. Get in touch any time