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Issue: 42 November 2020
Security and Surveillance

Cambridge Pixel has integrated support for Silent Sentinel's advanced daylight and thermal video camera systems, working with Silent Sentinel directly to maximise the potential of its sensors. Support for these cameras is built into Cambridge Pixel's security and maritime surveillance display applications: VSD and RadarWatch.

Silent Sentinel's camera director units support absolute positioning, allowing them to be steered to a precise pointing direction. This enables them to support features such as slew-to-cue, where a target detected by radar can then be easily observed and followed with the camera. Together, Cambridge Pixel's software and Silent Sentinel's camera systems provide a powerful and cost-effective solution for many maritime and security applications.

Learn more about VSD here and RadarWatch here.

AIS Association

The AIS support within SPx Server has recently been upgraded to allow association of AIS targets with nearby radar tracks. This capability makes it straightforward to determine where a radar track is not reinforced by AIS and may therefore be a target of particular interest.

If an AIS target is deemed to correspond to a radar track then the MMSI number is included within the SPx Extended Track report for that track. Receiving clients are then able to use this reference to the unique MMSI number in order to extract other AIS data, or simply to mark the target as being reinforced by AIS.

Learn more about SPx Server here.

AIS Data Monitor

Cambridge Pixel is pleased to offer a brand new, free AIS data monitoring tool. The AIS Monitor application is a self-contained executable application for Windows, capable of receiving standard NMEA-0183 format AIS messages over Ethernet or serial port connection.

AIS Monitor is a valuable tool during system installation, allowing the user to see the incoming message payloads and other status information such as time since last message and total number of tracks. The tool also provides a message logging capability.

The AIS monitoring capabilities are also built into the latest version of SPx Server.

Register for a free download of the AIS Data Monitor here.

Employee Ownership Trust

Cambridge Pixel has set up an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) to put the award-winning radar technology firm into the hands of the team of people who work for it.

Moving the company to an employee ownership model provides stability for all of our customers, as it ensures the long-term future of the company, securing its independence for years to come.

Read the full news article here.

Yours sincerely,

Rob Helliar
Cambridge Pixel