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Issue: 32 May 2018

Cambridge Pixel has released RadarWatch, the full-featured radar and camera display application designed for coastal surveillance and VTS at small ports and harbours. RadarWatch provides a ready-made display for radar video and tracks, AIS, ADS-B and camera video.

Designed to run in multiple windows, across multiple screens, RadarWatch can be configured to present all of the available inputs in a manner that suits the operator.

Closely integrated with other Cambridge Pixel software modules, such as SPx Server and RDR, RadarWatch allows system architects to build up the required system functionality with ease.

Learn more about RadarWatch on our website here.

Smart Motorways

With the goal of increasing safety on roads and reducing traffic congestion, the 'Smart Highways' concept enables higher traffic flows and improves safety. Navtech Radar's Clearway system, incorporating the company's high-resolution radar sensors, provides accurate and reliable vehicle tracking and automated incident detection, including stopped vehicle detection. Clearway uses Cambridge Pixel's SPx Server target tracking technology to process the returns from a scalable network of radar sensors to detect and characterise moving vehicles. SPx Server provides automated low false-rate track initiation (ATI) and multi-hypothesis, multi-model tracking in selected areas of interest.

For more information about SPx Server, see here.

For more information about Navtech's radar sensors and Clearway, see here.

Enhanced Simrad Halo Support

The Simrad Halo radar offers some interesting and useful new capabilities compared to the lower-cost 4G Broadband model. Specifically, Halo radars support blanking (i.e. mute) sectors and a new operating mode setting. Support for these new features has now been built into the SPx Server application.

These new controls mean that Halo users can define up to six sectors on which the radar does not transmit, allowing problem reflections from fixed infrastructure to be eliminated. It also allows the radar to be put into the new bird and weather detection modes, highlighting the presence of bird flocks and precipitation.

The combination of Halo radar and SPx Server application software is already providing high quality, cost-effective automatic target tracking in coastal surveillance and shipborne installations around the world.

More information about SPx Server is available here.

GDPR Compliance

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Cambridge Pixel Joins ADS

We are pleased to announce that our application to join the prestigious ADS group of companies has been accepted.

ADS is the premier trade organisation for companies in the UK aerospace, defence, security and space sectors.

Yours sincerely,

Rob Helliar
Cambridge Pixel