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Issue: 44 March 2021
SEA-KIT USV Projects

Cambridge Pixel is providing radar processing technology and expertise to SEA-KIT, for use in its USV solutions. SEA-KIT's USVs are supplied to the maritime and research industries for deployment in harsh offshore environments.

SPx Server is running on board the USV, interfacing directly to the radar and providing SEA-KIT's situational awareness software with target track data.

The Maritime Display Framework (MDF) application is being used to provide a display of the radar data at the operation control centre.

Read the full press release for this project here.

ASTERIX CAT8 Weather Display

Cambridge Pixel's RadarView and ASD-100 display applications have been upgraded to support receipt and display of ASTERIX CAT8 weather data. ASTERIX CAT8 weather data messages report the density of precipitation, derived from radar measurements.

The ASTERIX messages can express precipitation regions as closed contours or sets of polar or Cartesian vectors. SPx software supports receipt of data in any of these forms.

The SPx Radar Simulator application has also been upgraded to add support for generating CAT8 weather messages, as a test source.

Learn more about RadarView here.

Learn more about ASD-100 here.

Doppler Radar Data Support

SPx Server now has built-in support for receipt of Doppler information, in parallel with the corresponding amplitude video data. Modern radars increasingly make use of coherent processing, allowing them to determine not only the strength of a reflection from a target but also its phase or Doppler shift. This additional, valuable information tells the radar about the radial velocity component (approaching or receding) for the return.

If the radar provides it in a suitable form, Doppler information can be used to enhance the tracking perfomance of SPx Server by helping to distinguish genuine target returns from noise and other targets. It also provides an upgraded visual display, showing approaching and receding returns in different colours.

Learn more about SPx Server here.

ADS-B Data Monitor

Cambridge Pixel has released a free ADS-B data monitoring application, ADS-B Data Monitor, capable of receiving and decoding ADS-B data in a number of formats. Supported formats include: ASTERIX CAT021, BEAST/AVR and the raw 112-bit extended squitter.

ADS-B Data Monitor is an invaluable tool for system installers and maintainers, allowing them to see the contents of ADS-B messages quickly and easily. It also provides higher level information such as current number of visible tracks and time since last message.

Given a set of latitude and longitude coordinates the tool will also calculate the range and bearing to each ADS-B target.

Register for a free copy of the ADS-B Monitor Tool here.

Yours sincerely,

Rob Helliar
Cambridge Pixel